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Young Stacy

Reviewed on 06/16/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.1

Main: Single model
Additional: Hi-def

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I have not been impressed generally with the solo girl sites I review, with few exceptions. One that stands out is Christine Young’s site. Another one would have been Sunny Lee’s site if there had ever been one. Why those two girls? They have the innocent girl-next-door look that contrasts so erotically with their sexual adventurousness. Young Stacy has that same innocent look but it is clear as I scan her site that unlike Christine Young or Sunny Lee I am not going to see a big hard cock pressed up against her sweet young face. And speaking of young I question the wisdom of incorporating the word young into the domain name give the present political atmosphere in the Excited States of American. I imagine a number of American based TGP sites (thumbnail gallery posts) would be quite shy about accepting a gallery with the word young in it. The images in the tour indicate that the only sexual interaction we will see on Stacy’s site is girl/girl. The other girls she has sex with are as cute as her and the scenes look hot. When you join Stacy’s site you also get access to her girlfriend’s sites, Halle, Heather and Cindy.

The site offers true hi-definition videos and invites us to download samples at 56k and DSL speeds. I try the broadband version first. It streams very slowly and pauses while the download catches up. The video quality is excellent and Stacy is as cute as a button. I also love the variety of matching bra and panties she wears in the teaser. The downside is that it is clear that she doesn’t speak English. I click on the 56k version. I see no difference in quality except that the download may take longer. I am wondering why the files would be the same size. I am also wondering who would bother downloading such huge files on a dial up modem?

There are a total of 25 photo and video sets of Young Stacy. The photos are very good quality and large, 1067x1600 pixels. There is no slide show option. The videos come in three sizes. For the Heather, Stacy and Cindy video the low quality file is 150 MB, the medium quality is 250 MB and the Hi-Def quality is 800 MB. I begin with the low quality. The video is nearly 30 minutes in duration. Video quality is very good on the 360x180 pixel screen. I am also very impressed that I can jump around at will in the video and it quickly recommences at the new spot I have chosen. I next try the 250 MB file. I click on it and it says ready but will not play a video. I try the 800 MB file and get the same result. I refresh the page and get the same result. I have encountered this sort of thing on AEBN before. Another try and the 250 MB file begins buffering. Unfortunately the stream can’t keep up. The video quality is definitely improved and looks great playing on the full screen but the jerkiness of the streaming makes viewing a pain. And forget about streaming the 800 MB file. There is no option to download the file. I complain about this to a friend in Europe who is on-line. He checks and finds that the medium and hi-definition files play fine for him.

I go back to streaming the low quality version. The girls are young and toned with natural breasts and shaved pussies which are, all in turn, licked and masturbated. I try another video. This one is Halle, Heather and Stacy. The low quality file is 300 MB! The hi-def file is 1.2 GB! The action is similar, three lovely legal teens playing with each other’s bodies. But they are playing silently here for no English is spoken. If you are like me and crave more variety then a solo girl site offers there are plenty of plug-ins on the Young Stacy site. One that is very impressive indeed, is an arrangement with Adult-Rental that gives members access to thousands of videos in a large variety of categories.

I like this site. Stacy and her friends are very attractive and their lesbian interactions, though overly posed, are still hot. There is no English spoken by the girls which may make it less appealing for some viewers. On the plus side for those that desire more variety then a single girl site usually offers, there is an excellent plug-in from Adult Rental with literally thousands of North American videos.

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