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XXX Porn Parties

Reviewed on 11/07/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Sex parties

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I have seen these drunken Prague based porn party sites on the net for a few years but have never actually been in one so I am intrigued as to what I might find. The tour suggests that these party orgies take place internationally and feature known porn stars like American, Brian Surewood and Brit, Poppy Morgan. Locations include Miami, LA, Brussels and that other Eastern European hot spot Budapest. The site’s concept is to take average guys to hot hard core porn parties around the globe. There is a 90 second compilation of the parties to be found inside. The scenes are full of people, guys and girls standing around drinking, smoking, dancing while watching a few porn couples suck and fuck. There are a number of genuine porn notables like the two mentioned above.

As well, when you join the site you get access to 50 bonus sites. While normally this would be cause for alarm, this network, Brain Pass, does offer some very good sites, like Christine Young, perhaps in its time the most popular solo girl site on the net, because in fact she is often not solo. It is also a network wherein you can find my favorite, Sunny Lee. There are also quite a few other very good sites in the network.

Entering the site, I arrive at a page called headlined, the Porn Star Network. Here I have access to all the sites in the network. I am a bit confused because I thought the network was called Brain Pass. I click the link "Continue to XXXpornparties". The site is a new addition to the network having only just been launched, July, 18, 2007. There are only 22 videos which is a just barely acceptable amount, but with the loads of additional exclusive content in the other pay sites in the network one can easily divert oneself while waiting for the next update. New scenes appear weekly.

There are 5 pages with 5 scenes to a page. I quickly scan them all to try to get a sense of the site. I am a surprised to see so many short film clips. There is one of only 6 minutes. Most are under 20 minutes. It seems that these are scenes from parties not the whole parties. An update will focus on one couple or group in the party and a later update will focus on another couple or group at the same party. This is understandable given the cost of putting together such content but is still a little disappointing. Each update also includes pictures but the pictures are only video captures and not good for much other than giving you a preview of what you will see in the video.

The videos are broken into 3 to 6 parts depending on the length of the video. The parts can be streamed or downloaded as WMV or MPEG files. The full video is only available in WMV format. I stream at least 6 videos and confirm the site’s economic use of the video footage captured. The parties seem to be multi-ring circuses with invited guests able to watch any number of porn couplings including girl on girl. While the guests maybe able to watch whatever they desire we are left looking only at the couple a particularly camera has decided to focus on. The sex is good and the party voyeur exhibitionism is erotic, but the overall impact on me is one of feeling cheated. All this sexual activity should be included in one video of the evening. These isolated snippets are not sufficiently engrossing in themselves to justify 30 minutes of viewing and it is distracting to hear the roar of the crowd to some off camera ejaculation or other worthy sexual triumph.

The economically used party content is further supplemented by after party scenes of porn couples fucking in hotel rooms. To me it comes across as cheap filler material to flesh out the content of the site.

There is not a lot of content yet on XXX Porn Parties and what there is, is used very economically. Content updates are based on segments of a party not the whole party or scenes from after the party or outside the party that in my opinion should not be included as part of the party site. The site is new and content will no doubt increase. I would not join the site based on its present content but if you do join you will also have access to all the sites in the Brain Pass network. Many of them are very good.

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