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XXX at Work

Reviewed on 02/09/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Uniforms

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
XXX at Work is a site that should have interesting possibilities. We all know that a lot of hanky panky takes place in the work environment. There are those of us having our panky hankied and there are the rest of us that fantasize about relieving the boredom of the workday. When I think of sex in the workplace I imagine a cute secretary on her knees under the desk giving me a blow job while I conduct perhaps a performance appraisal interview with another employee who is totally unaware of what is going on. Or I think of the more traditional sexual antics that one sees on television or in the movies with hot clutches in the stock room or the supply room or trying to get images of the penetration while your partner sits her pretty butt on the photocopier. The attraction of sex at work seems to me to be that there exists always the possibility of discovery by other employees or the night security man or even worse the boss. Then of course there are the fantasies of being seduced by the voluptuous female boss taking advantage of her power position. Or maybe you are the boss taking advantage of the beautiful subordinate. Attention! Doing such a thing in the real world is grounds for dismissal and if you live in the Excited States a hefty settlement in a civil suit.

Unfortunately that is not what the site is about judging from the substantial tour. Sex at work here means sex in the same one or two office setting with a variety of porn models, many of whom are familiar, which is not a bad thing when one of them is Sativa Rose who besides having a hot body can also act. I though she took on the role a mistress in’s Men in Pain with real conviction. The girls do look attractive but I am not expecting much of this site confined as it seems to be to only a one or two office settings.

Another crappy site from the folks that bring you 100 plus crappy sites and think you are going to stay because they provide daily updates that have nothing to do with the site you joined. XXX at Work was last updated in May of 2007. It is February 2008 now. The site looks as though it started out with the intention of actually being a pay site. There is a minimal amount of content and since it has been over 8 months since the site was updated this is not likely to change. Of the 20 videos on the site 15 are from the XXX at Work project and the other 5 are from a DVD called Secretary’s Day.

The first 15 videos stream in flash and load very quickly. The streaming version is only viewable on the small 320x240 pixel screen, but the quality is good. There are also downloadable iPod and WMV and AVI versions of the video. The AVI version at 2048 kbps is very good quality even when played on full screen. Download speed hovers around 400 kb/s. The WMV (1024 kbps) file is also good quality and at half the size it arrives in half the time. The streaming version of Secretary’s Day videos is a slow loading WMV file. The download versions are 512 and 1024 kbps WMV files. The Microsoft media player on my Hewlett Packard AMD based computer has never functioned properly despite having the most updated version of the MS player and frequent calls to the HP technicians who’s only advice was to reformat my computer. Unwilling to do that I have given up watching WMV streams so I confine my viewing of XXX at Work to the flash streams only. They are great for reviews because within seconds I can skip around anywhere in the 25 minute videos. And though the women are very attractive and include Tia Tanaka my new favorite since Sunny Lee seems to longer be doing adult videos, I find the content incredibly boring. Even the talented Sativa Rose cannot breathe any life into the stilted artificial scenarios of the site. This is not sex at work. It is sex on tables and chairs. The fact that the same office is used repeatedly is less a problem then that the sequence of events in each video is identical. There is no foreplay. The videos have nothing to do with the sexual pleasure of the women. Each scene moves quickly from its stupid set up to the girl unzipping the guy’s fly and giving him a blowjob. Then she is fucked on the office desk, turned over and fucked doggy style. Every scene finishes with a facial. This is cookie cutter porn stamped out in a most unimaginative manner.

Who would have thought you could take beautiful naked women and video tape them fucking and make it more boring than watching, for the second time, your neighbor’s slide show of their road trip to Toronto. XXX at Work has not been updated in over 8 months. There are only 20 videos. There is lots of bonus content but what has that got to do with this site? Nothing.

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