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Wives in Pantyhose

Reviewed on 01/10/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Hosiery
Additional: Amateur

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
If you love sexy amateurs in pantyhose, stockings or thigh highs, you may have seen Wives in Pantyhose before. The tour shows a large selection of amateur girls in nylons, mesh and silk stockings and pantyhose. Some of these girls masturbate through their pantyhose and then rip the crotches open so they can use a dildo. Some of them suck cock while wearing their nylons. This site has been around for ages, so I expect the member area is full of pantyhose pics and videos. Let's log in and find out if Wives in Pantyhose delivers!

The member area of Wives in Pantyhose has 187 different amateurs, all hot and all in pantyhose. There are housewives, college students and your normal girls next door. Directly below 4 live cam links are a list of the newest additions. It says on the site that they update Monday, Wednesday and Friday but there are no new listings for last Monday or yesterday (Wednesday). What I see - since there are dates next too each update - is that a pic set and a video set are added once a week. That's not bad, though, considering the amount of content already inside the site.

Below the updates are thumbs of every amateur inside Wives in Pantyhose. I decided to start off with some of the older pantyhose girls, and the first one I checked out is Eden who was added to the site in 2001. What I like about all the older sets I checked out is they have a REAL amateur flavor. Lately amateur content looks very professional. Eden is shot in a room that reminds you of a house in the real 80's and 90's amateur porn movies. Wood paneling and a woman who really could be your neighbor's wife make this a hot movie as Eden puts on silky smooth pantyhose, then rips out the crotch.

The movies are short. They load pretty much instantly, are available in MPG or WMV. The MPGs are a little better quality, but I preferred to stream the WMVs. The broadband WMVs stream at 256k and shown at a screen size of 240x176.They are usually shown in several short clips and really provide that amateur feeling. The quality is pretty good considering the age of the videos, the sound is good and if you have a yen for real pantyhose material, these movies rock! And dialup users are not forgotten - the dialup clips are small enough for them to enjoy as well.

The older Wives in Pantyhose girls sometimes offer only pics, no videos. The pics also have a nice amateur flavor and are the quality you'd expect from solid amateur material. Every single set comes through in the pantyhose department, and the quality improves as you get away from the oldest sets. The pics are large, not just tiny vidcaps and really show those pussies in pantyhose off, so if you like pics, be sure and check these out.

By the time 2003 the quality of the videos has improved greatly and the movies are larger and much longer. And the most recent videos are shown at a resolution of 480x320 and stream at 540k. These are wonderful amateur videos full of close-ups of legs, feet and pussies covered with smooth sheer nylon or sexy mesh pantyhose.

I like Wives in Pantyhose. The site provides an awesome selection of real amateurs in pantyhose masturbating and getting down and dirty. There are tons of pics and some videos I think are really hot. I appreciate the regular updates and the reality bonus sites add a lot of value to the site. If you love amateur pantyhose babes, be sure and check out Wives in Pantyhose!

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