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Wild Fuck Toys

Reviewed on 11/30/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Masturbation

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The Fuck Hammer, the Monkey Rocker and the Spindoll Snake. What do these strange names have in common? They're all sex toys at Wild Fuck Toys, where the girls get banged by a variety of gadgets that involve motors and electricity. The tour makes no promises regarding updates, quality or size of videos, but they do tell us we get access to a collection of bonus sites. I'd like to know more about the site, so join me as I log in and watch as these pussies get a mechanical pounding inside the member area of Wild Fuck Toys!

The main member page of Wild Fuck Toys has a menu on the left and the latest update on the right, complete with synopsis and pics. Checking out the page, you'll also find a large collection of bonus sites and an update list for feeds and third party bonus sites. Most of the content in the Videos and Pictures areas are feeds and bonus sites but the first link in each section takes you to the actual Wild Fuck Toys content as does the links on the latest update.

There are currently 58 Wild Fuck Toys videos, each with a set of photos. The theme here is that women who have trouble getting off go to an orgasm clinic to get help. After the doctor talks to them about their sex lives and what the problem is, he has the girls undress in the examination room and then gives them a brief exam. The girls are then presented with a variety of toys from small vibrators to huge sex machines. If you love watching girls get off using all sorts of kinky power-operated dildos, these movies are sure to tickle your fantasy bone.

Each video is shown in streaming clips in your choice of WMV or QuickTime. Both formats can be watched at a screen size of 320x240 and WMVs can also be watched at 640x480. There are 3 quality options - 56k, DSL and Broadband - and trust me here. You do NOT want to watch the 56k or DSL videos at 640x480. Go with the Broadband, which streams at around 542 kbps. That's still not the speed I'd like to see for a 640x480 video - I'd prefer to see 1000 kbps or better for a clear, crisp picture. At 542 kbps, expect an average amateur quality level. The videos are fast to start playing and have good sound quality.

The newer pics are good quality and medium sized, and if you like the videos, you'll probably like the pics. They show the penetration of the machines into the girls' pussies and all the action very well. There are over 100 pics per set, and I thought they were pretty hot. Some of the older sets are vidcaps, which means lower quality pics and also of course these follow the action of the videos exactly. The Wild Fuck Toys pics sets are not offered in zip sets and there is no slideshow available.

Beside the Wild Fuck Toys pics and videos, members get access to a whole lot of bonus content. First off, there are those 27 bonus reality sites. That's a lot of sites and they cover a lot of categories of porn from the asses at Bubble Butts Galore to girl/girl action at Her First Lesbian Sex. Members will find milfs, horny Asian chicks, squirting pussies, teens and gangbangs. And that's not all. There are also plenty of feeds inside the Videos section, the Pictures section and the Reading Room, found on the main page menu on the left.

Something I found disappointing is the site updates. Wild Fuck Toys hasn't been updated in about a month and wasn't updated for a month before that, either. There were 3 updates one month even further back but the bottom line here is the site just isn't updating regularly.

If you love watching pussies fucked by a variety of mechanical devices, you're bound to find something interesting at Wild Fuck Toys. This is also a good site for those with a medical fetish as the doctor and the clinic look pretty convincing. The videos are fast to load, play smoothly and are average porn quality and each one comes with plenty of pics. Members also get access to 27 bonus reality sites that help make up for the fact that this site doesn't update very regularly. Still, if women fucked by machines turns you on, I think you'll find Wild Fuck Toys well worth a visit!

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