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Whore Wagon

Reviewed on 10/11/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.4

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Whore Wagon, I like the almost alliteration of it but I am guessing that is the only thing I am going to like. I am so tired of BangBus derivative stuff. BangBus did this well when they introduced it and I am not sure if they were the first or just the first to widely popularize it on the net. I am curious a little to see if this site can do anything to make an old tired theme fresh. The tour does not impress me. They lead off with a young lady with obviously artificial breasts, you know the kind, perfectly round things that just aren’t quite where breasts are normally supposed to be. Scroll down the page to the second girl on the tour and it is the same thing, another girl with obviously surgically enhanced breasts. For those of you dear readers who like enhanced breasts this will be good news. And I know you are out there, my good friend Richard amongst you, for whom plastic is fantastic. The only discernable twist I can perceive in the tour promotion for this site is that the vehicles are limos rather than banged-out buses and all the action takes place in Las Vegas. The trailers on the tour are good quality and the two I watch have women with natural breasts.

There are only 20 videos on the Whore Wagon Site. There are lots of other sites though that are available as bonuses for joining this site and there you can watch fucking in more stationary settings. There are four video viewing options, mpghi, wmvhi, wmvlow, and wmvmed. They all stream. None of them download. The mpghi and wmvhi are very similar in quality, but the wmvhi takes much longer to buffer before streaming. The mpghi plays immediately without any noticeable buffering. It is the viewing option that I choose.

I am confused by the first video I view, Daphney. It opens with a guy sucking a woman’s tit as she leans up against a van. He takes her to the back gate and fucks her there before getting inside the van. Part two ends with them fucking on the backseat doggy-style. Part three opens with her sticking out her tongue supposedly after he has cum in her mouth (we never see it), then fades to black and a text appears saying "Ff you think this is hot I later take her to a private party where I make her eat my pussy". The next scene opens with same girl in a bathtub having her pussy eaten by another girl while a bunch of people at the door stand around looking in. Party noises are heard in the background. I check out the video captures that accompany each movie. Sure enough it appears that he has come in her mouth but the video is missing. Why? I try looking at a wvm version to see if the problem is only with the mpg version. Ah, now it begins to make more sense. The whole cum shot sequence is here and plus an interaction with another woman who has been the cameraperson directing the action. That is their twist on the BangBus; a woman is controlling the action? It all becomes clear in the next video I view, Jersey and Morgan. It is divided into 5 parts. I watch it on wmvlo. I have lost confidence in the mpg version of the videos. A woman calls a couple of pretty party girls over to her parked bus and invites them in. The bus is a tricked out greyhound-type bus, with neon lights and mirrors and bar, another excellent improvement on the BangBus theme Bravo! She tells the girls she is a porn star and asks if they will party with her all expenses paid, but they have to fuck her guy Chris. I love the shots as the bus cruises the busy streets of Las Vegas, people crowding the sidewalks, the gang of three enthusiastically fucking away directed by our porn star camerawoman. When he cums on the girls faces at the end of part 4 and she instructs the girls to lick it up I am wondering if all of part 5 is going to be a licking scene. But no, part five is just out of order. This is further sloppiness, the result of bad management.

There are only 20 videos on Whore Wagon but there are lots of other videos on other sites that you have access to as a member of this site. The videos that I looked at showed promise as an evolution of the tired "bang-in the-van" theme. Unfortunately one of the formats does not show the complete version of the videos and video scenes are presented out of order. I pick the videos I am going to look pretty randomly based on their visual appeal to me. I find unacceptable for the first two videos that I sample to have this kind of problem and cannot recommend the site because I have lost trust in it.

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