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Reviewed on 2006-10-11 by Frank




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I love the site name, White Slave Whores. It brings back images of the covers of old dime store novels or the lurid covers of the 50’s crime magazines. The tour banner captures that feeling. The slavers are black. The slaves are white women. One blonde is naked, manacled, arms above her head as a black master looks on finger pointed toward her. Don’t get too excited. It is highly unlikely that you are going to find such a scene inside the site, for two reasons. First most American sites are afraid of putting bondage and sex together because it gets them into an unknown grey area of potential prosecution. Second, I recognize the image of the manacled woman from elsewhere on the net. There was no menacing black guy when I last saw her. Still the idea of big black guys dominating white women has an erotic appeal and if this site can deliver that content I think it will attract a lot of customers. The five long high quality trailers in the tour would seem to suggest id does. I don’t get a sense of white slaves when I view them but definitely the vibe is black guys dominating white girls. Man those cocks are huge and they seem to like sticking them in the girl’s asses. The trailers are hot. There is an emphasis on blondes and fucking two at a time. The tour has sold me I am going in.

At the moment there are 27 White Slave Whores videos. Sheila is identified as the next update but there is no information on when that will be. Only 27 videos would be disappointing. This is a multi-site network, however, and the first site in the drop down menu to the other sites is "18 Interracial, Black guys fucking tight white pussy". I head over there to see how many videos there are. Excellent, there are 64 videos over here and quite frankly the thumbnails pictures looks indistinguishable from the thumbnails in White Slave Whores, white chicks being fucked by black guys. And lets face it one someone fucks someone else, the English language gives "fuck" an aggressive sense. It is all in the tone. Anyway, with over 90 videos there is a lot of content here consistent with the site’s theme. I have a look at one of the videos, episode 9, a voluptuous young blond taking two huge dicks. I head back to White Slave Whores and start looking at the videos. There are four viewing options, mpghi, wmvhi, wmvlow, and wmvmed. They all stream. None of them download. I find the mpghi and wmvhi to be very similar in quality, however the wmvhi takes much longer to buffer before streaming. With the mpghi there is virtually no buffering. It plays immediately.

The big difference between the videos on White Slave Whores and those on 18Interracial is the set up. The action is virtually identical after the sex starts. The other big difference is that the videos were all shot for the theme. This content is really unique to this site. I found the sets ups imaginative and varied. The most common was the slave serving her master but fucking up in some way. In one video she is washing her master’s back when the cup of tea she thoughtfully brought him that he placed on the side of the tub is accidentally knocked into the tub, scalding his back. Her angry master orders her to suck his cock. From there it pretty much standard black guy with big dick fucking white chick in every hole and leaving load on her face. In another she is cutting master’s hair and snips off one of his dreadlocks. Her punishment. She must suck master’s long dick and then he fucks her in every hole and comes on her face, although surprisingly the cumshot is not included in the final part of this six-part video. Bizarre, this was the Leah video. When I check the video captures that accompany each video, sure enough Leah is taking a forceful stream of sperm directly in the mouth. So a word of warning to any who were timing their own cumshot to this guy’s finish, forget it. All the videos are extremely well produced. The lighting is impeccable.

There are 27 high quality, highly erotic videos devoted to the master-slave relationship between well-hung black masters and their white female slaves. The sets-ups that precede the sexual antics are imaginative and varied. I particularly like the one where the master on awakening asks one slave to prepare another slave to be fucked. With only 27 videos, as good as they are, the site would have been disappointing if not for the fact that with your membership you have access to a number of other sites include a black guys on white girls site with over 60 videos.

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