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Reviewed on 2007-08-23 by Frank




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First Impression:
I recently reviewed Men in Pain, a site that has men submitting sexually to female Dommes. I said it was a nice counterpoint to the surfeit of sites depicting women tormented by men. Also a nice counterpoint is this site, Whipped Ass. Here the women are tormented sexually by other women. It is a natural inclusion in the erotic BDSM empire of Kink.com. One thing that I love about every site I have visited by Kink.com is that they included everything in their promotional tours that you will find on the site. With so many sites that hide and distort what you will find inside, this clarity is much appreciated and you will find that it is common with all the really great sites. They are proud of their content and their site(s) and they want you to be totally satisfied. This has certainly been my experience with all the Kink.com sites reviewed to date. They are amongst the best I have encountered in my extensive wandering around the adult side of the net. Again with Whipped Ass, I very much like what I see. The site dates back to 2001 and has been updating regularly, once a week, since then. The women are beautiful and the sexual interaction looks very hot particularly if you like to sex between women with sadomasochistic tendencies in romantic dungeon settings. I do, so I am really looking forward to getting in there and checking out a few of the shoots I have selected from the preview.

I have already described the set up within a number of Kink.com sites so I will not go into too much detail here. Check out my reviews of Hogtied, The Training of O, Water Bondage and Men in Pain. Whipped Ass follows the same structure. The site is updated once a week with a new shoot that normally involves three different scenes proceeded by an interview with the participants to set the scenes and followed by an interview with the participants to discuss the scene. This also serves to reassure the viewer, including any authorities, that despite the apparent abuse depicted in a scene, the participants, particularly the abused are really into it and have some of the most earth shattering orgasms ever experienced.

The first video I download is from Oct 17 2005. It is divided into 6 clips and follows the format I outlined above. It features Justine and Isis love. Justine is a lovely lass with a shapely natural body. The scene takes place in an office setting. Justine strips form a sexy light blue business suit. She is commanded to pose in her panties and high heels before stripping completely and being bound. She is whipped and forced to lick her mistress’s feet, pretend she is a cat and lap milk form a martini glass set on the floor. Video quality is good but the screen size just two years ago is only 320x240 pixels. In scene two Justine is bound arms behind back and suspended legs apart. Her firm young buttocks and bare engorged pussy are caned and she is forced to say repeatedly, "I am your little whore, Mistress." In countless scenes of forced orgasm I have watched, the big vibrator on the clit seems to be the thing that sends women over the edge. It certain does Justine. I have to get me one. In the next scene Justine is bound hand and foot and forced to pleasure Isis, first with her tongue and then with a dildo tied to her face. I love the sharp contrast of the pale body of Justine with the tanned body of Isis and the scene-ender when Isis removes the dildo Justine has been fucking her with and makes her suck it clean.

On August 10, 2007 Justine and Isis reprise their duo. This I have to see. Video quality is hugely improved. I can’t give you the exact dimensions but it has obviously been filmed with a high-definition camera. The original size of the video nearly fills my 17 inch monitor and when I put it on full screen it is like watching a DVD on my TV. Justine is such a delectable morsel. Her sweet pussy is smacked a bright red before we are half way through the opening scene. The second scene is so hot I have to take my cock out and jerk off.

This is another great site from Kink.com. It offers very beautiful women, beautifully captured in high quality beds videos and photographs. Like the other sites in the Kink.com network this one pushes the limits of sex in submissive situations. There is an impressive amount of excellent content here to stimulate your masturbatory fantasies as I can personally attest. Lovers of latex will enjoy also. There are some great costumes.

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