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Whale Tail'n

Reviewed on 09/28/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Panties

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Whale Tail'n. This is a hardcore thong site. The hook here is cute girls with their thong underwear exposed having sex. I never really thought that expression was any good - ok, thong underwear sorta looks like a whale's tail when it's poking out a girl's jeans - but all I can ever think of when I hear whale tailing is "fatass ahoy!" which isn't what the person saying it intended - usually he's pointing out a hot chick with her thong exposed. Anyway, the site promises daily updates, high quality video, 120 bonus sites, and more.

The members area is nothing like the tour, it's generic and cold, well-organized but nearly all links and text explaining links. The pages are partly flash-driven which causes them to take an extra moment to load (and hitting back is often a gamble of how far back) but the advantage is quick search options. There's navigation bars at the top and bottom, plus the left side. All the links are a might confusing at first, and even the 'videos' and 'pictures' links don't take you to the main content, only 'featured series' does. The ads are just dating and sex toy shop links in the navbars on the left and bottom.

The models here are all attractive - the videos are actually scenes from a series of porn DVDs, Whale Tail 1 through 3, so the models are actual porn actresses. The action is pretty much what you'd expect then, girl wears thong, girl exposes thong, girl has sex with porn dude. The videos run about 27 minutes each.

There are 15 videos in the site's main content. There haven't been new updates to the main content in 6 months as of when this was written, though the network updates daily.

Videos are offered for streaming in a Flash player, and for download in WMV, MP4 for iPods, and XviD AVI which requires a special codec. The in-browser Flash video is 400x280, and the gimmick here besides instant streaming is that you can move the slider anywhere and the video will cue right to that scene rather than waiting for the whole thing to load. The WMV is 480x360 and 1064kbps bitrate, this can go double-size pretty well. The largest version is the AVI at 576x432. And there's no trouble with playback.

Video quality is decent, not a knockout though due to the transfer leaving the clarity a little soft and digitizes - keep in mind, the Flash vids always look a little more digitized than the WMVs. Camera quality looks like they're shot with a camcorder, a good one perhaps but not pro-level, so image and color are a little flat, and some shots are dark. Sound is fine, picks up ok and volume is set at an acceptable level.

The only photo sets in the main content are video captures, one for each episode, so that's 15 photo sets. The newest sets have around 600 vidcaps, but most of the sets have around 115. The pics are 676x460 and about 50kb each. The images are alright for vidcaps, but nothing special, and vidcaps aren't that great to begin with. These are basically a flipbook of the videos. Although the pics appear in a flash pop-over, they can be saved to harddrive.

Bonus content starts with access to the entire network's daily-updating content across many different porn niches. That's over 11,000 video scenes including over 2,200 DVDs; and over 23,000 picture galleries including nearly 12,000 hi-res photo sets. There's also a very customizable model index for the entire network. And there's access to 100 bonus sites of various categories.

The first negative is there's no new updates to the site, likely since they used every scene from the 3-movie DVD series. The downloadable WMVs and AVIs are only offered as a single file rather than clips, that's over 100meg for the WMVs and usually over 400meg for the fucking AVIs that you still need to install a codec for - they have a link to the codec, but come on! The members area being generic and using flash pages is a tad annoying, and when there's any server slowdown it gets quite frustrating. The tour is fairly misrepresentative of the site, it makes it seem like a reality tour with exclusive girls when it's not, and the pictures there are clear when there are only crappy vidcaps.

Whale Tail'n doesn't update, but the vast network does. Videos aren't the best or the worst, they look alright - and there's iPod versions - but if you want anything bigger than what's on the page it'll be a big download. Whale Tail'n itself only offers access to 3 DVDs of scenes, Whale Tail 1 through 3, however there's tons of bonus content. But with no new updates and only so-so video, there's not really much this particular site has to offer unless you're a true thong lover.

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