Water Bondage

Reviewed on 2007-08-13 by Frank




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First Impression:
O boy! Another Kink.com site to review and I am expecting great things. I was super impressed with two other Kink.com sites that I have already reviewed, Hog-tied and The Training of O. I love the creativity of these folks. Water Bondage is a new concept for me and as you scroll through the very long tour for the site you will see that the possibilities to enhance the bondage experience seem almost endless. Coincidentally as I write this review Lew Rubens is here in Montreal putting on a number of workshops for www.censoredfestival.com. This will be an annual event so mark it on your calendar for next summer. I attended his Bondage for Sex workshop and his Water Bondage workshop. The latter workshop unfortunately had no water because the organizers were not able to find a suitable venue. Nevertheless Lew held his audience spell bound as he interacted with them, providing tales of his experiences in the creation enticing scenarios for Water Bondage. Lew, in turn, was held spell bound as he bound the stunning Yumi U to a chair. Yumi U is Montreal’s preeminent Asian fetish model. Check out her soon to open site, www.yumi-u.com. I am sure at some points she will put up the pictures I took of her and Lew at the Water Bondage workshop as well as the Bondage for Sex workshop. Whew that was hot.

I was impressed with the interaction between Lew and the workshop participants. The quality of the questions was excellent and Lew kept returning to his pad and pencil to capture the ideas contained in the questions. He admitted it is quite a challenge coming up with new situations to keep the Water Bondage fresh and I was impressed by how hard he works at trying to do that. The man loves his job and it shows.

The site follows the essentials of the other Kink.com sites I have reviewed. It is easy to navigate and what you see in the site’s promotional tour is exactly what you will find inside the site. The site has been around for a while so it has built up a huge body of content that continues to grow as the site is reliably updated each week. Many of the models that appear here are found on the other Kink.com sites and that is a good thing. Video quality and photo quality are both extremely good with large photo images that accompany each shoot and can be downloaded in zip files for subsequent viewing on your computer’s slide show software

The videos are available in either Real or WMV formats as zip file downloads. Download speeds are slow at 125 kb/s but you can download two files at the same time at that speed. The newer shoots featuring Lew Rubens are divided into five or six parts. Earlier videos that you encounter around page nine or ten are divided into 17-18 parts and are lower in quality then the newer ones. Members have an opportunity to provide comments and they take ample advantage of it. Lew commonly interacts with the members in the comments forum using their ideas to stimulate his own creativity. He is a bondage master. His ties are expertly performed. I was particularly attracted to one of the scenes he did with Leah Wilde. There are four scenes with each model. Leah is 19 and has a beautiful natural body. Lew tied her in a legs open, sexually accessible position that reminded me of the one he put Yumi in during his Bondage for Sex workshop. But here Leah’s beautiful shaved pussy is fully exposed and soon filled with a vibrating dildo on a stick that Lew thrusts in and out.

The four scenes of a typical shoot incorporate imaginative bondage positions, some bondage mixed with water torture and sexual arousal, finishing with a submersion. There are lots of forced orgasms. Lew likes to put his women in situations where they have to make choices, usually both not good. His suspension work is also very imaginative. I love the scene with Winona suspended from a stone staircase. I need not describe the shoots; you can see them for yourself in the promotion tour. I love this site.

This is another great site from Kink.com. The addition of Lew Rubens, Bondage Master, to Water Bondage, helps keep the site fresh and innovative. Many enthusiastic and highly loyal site members make their vociferous contributions through the thoughtful comments they leave, invariably very positive. The women are beautiful and scenarios they act out are extremely erotic. The site is also highly educational for those who are new or experienced players.

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