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Voyeur Intrusion

Reviewed on 07/07/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 4
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.3

Main: Voyeur

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I am a voyeur. I am a photographer and I have this hypothesis that all photographers are voyeurs. I haven’t met a photographer yet who disagrees with me. So a voyeur site like Voyeur Intrusion should be something of interest to a guy like me. I have never visited a voyeur site before but I have seen voyeur hidden camera stuff in plug-ins. They have never attracted me and seemed more like excuses for poor camera work and bad lighting, and very bad acting. I think the best voyeur experience is to be found on those sites that are houses with cameras all over the place. They provide a real voyeur experience.

So how does Voyeur Intrusion stack up? The tour does not generate a good first impression for me. It features content that I actually bought for one of my pay sites over five years ago. If you are new to the adult web this may not be a problem, but if you are an experienced consumer of internet porn you will be disappointed to see such old content being used to promote a site. There are no video teasers in the tour so we will have to go inside to see the actual quality of the videos on offer. The two page tour does feature a lot of girls in the shower and who knew that so many girls like to shower together? I am not expecting much of this site. There are 90 bonus sites and my experience has been that most of these sites that offer us a lot of bonus content do it to distract us from the truly terrible site we have just joined.

Expecting to be disappointed by the Voyeur Intrusion stuff I head directly to the bonus sites to see what they offer by way of consolation. I click on Double Bubble Butts because I like the name. I get a message saying "an error was encountered while trying to service your request". I click on She Likes it Big. I get the same error message. What gives? These two sites just randomly caught my eye. How many of the 90 bonus sites are actually available is not something that I am going to hang around trying to find out. Webmaster, clean up your site. Get rid of your dead links. I head back to the Voyeur Intrusions stuff that you will find under Featured series.

The Featured series is part of a huge juke box of porn scenes. There are 19 pages of Voyeur Intrusion content with 6 scenes to a page. Marina is the girl I was mentioning above who appeared in the content I bought, the laundry room scene. Here she is actually in 14 scenes and while Marina is unquestionable a dark haired beauty, her appearance in so many scenes underscores my point about the artificiality of so much voyeur content. It makes Marina seem more like an exhibitionist then the target of a voyeur who is secretly spying on her.

Each video invites us to write a description of the video. How lazy is this webmaster? No one has written a description as of yet. The videos can be streamed in low, medium and high. I did not notice any difference between the medium and high quality streams. Video quality is good on a 360x240 pixels screen. The video are divided into segments and stream quickly with short buffering times. Videos can also be downloaded and saved to your hard drive. They play at 512 kbps. There is a link to photos with each video set. The photos are pitifully small poor quality video captures of the poor quality video content.

The videos themselves all appear to be made in Russia with often the radio or TV blaring in the back ground to provide the sound track. This site is an excellent example of what I was saying in the introduction, badly staged, cheaply shot film. I really find it hard to imagine who would find this material appealing.

I had very low expectations of Voyeur Intrusion as a result of my previous experiences of voyeur type content and the site’s tour itself. My low expectations were exceeded. The bonus content that could have distracted me from my disappointment with Voyeur Intrusion only deepened my dislike of this site. The two bonus sites I picked somewhat randomly were both dead. I didn’t stick around to see how many others didn’t work. The voyeur content is too staged to be effective. It is just not believable.

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