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Virgin Teen Lesbians

Reviewed on 11/10/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Lesbian
Additional: Teen

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

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First Impression:
What man doesn't fantasize about watching two college-aged girls as they try lesbian sex for their very first times? This is the theme of Virgin Teen Lesbians, a site where amateur honeys who have a crush on their friends convince them to give girl/girl action a try. There's nothing as sexy as a girl tasting her first pussy, and there's plenty of kissing and licking going on here as well. I'm ready to see these sweeties entwined around each other in the throes of their first lesbian orgasms so let's take an up close and personal look at Virgin Teen Lesbians!

The main member page layout of Virgin Teen Lesbians may be familiar to you as it's the same layout you'll find on the other sites in the same network. There's a menu on the left side of the page followed by DVDs for sale and on the right is an area dedicated to the latest update, including thumbs and a description. Beneath you will find links to 27 bonus reality sites in all sorts of niches from milfs to teens to gangbangs. Keep going and you'll get to the latest updates for the feeds, a list of links to iPod content throughout the network and finally links to all the players you might need to watch all the videos for the site itself and the bonus feeds.

You'll find a text link directly under the latest update preview that says CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL VIRGIN TEEN LESBIANS MODELS. Click there and a new window will open, and this is where the exclusive Virgin Teen Lesbian pics and videos are to be found. Each episode has the names of the girls, date the episode was added, links to pics and vids - and of course, a preview thumb. Below the current episodes are thumbs of the coming attractions.

The good news - there are some cute amateur girls here kissing, fondling and licking each other. Are they really virgins to lesbian sex? Sorry, but they're not. I've seen several of these girls before, often in lesbian sites. Not only that, two of them are friends of another of our reviewers, Frank. Celeste, listed in the current episodes, and Yumi, listed in the coming attractions, have done lesbian porn before and you can see them around the web. Still, they're all fresh-faced sexy girls who it's a pleasure to watch as they get into each other so you can't go too far wrong here.

Virgin Teen Lesbians currently has only 11 videos because the site is very new. But don't panic - these are satisfyingly long videos so let's take a look at them. Each update is available in your choice of WMV or QuickTime. Each can be watched at three speeds including one for dialup users. The QuickTime videos are available at a screen size of 320x240, and the WMVs can be watched at either 320x240 or 640x480.

These aren't Hollywood quality videos by any means, but the 320x240 versions look fairly good and the 640x480 versions don't look bad at the best quality. I wouldn't try the 640x480s at the medium speed, and at the low speed - well, I certainly wouldn't recommend it. The sound on the videos is good and they all load and play smoothly. One thing worth mentioning - the movies are cut into several clips, and the link to the full versions are actually links to pay per view.

While I didn't care for the way the camera man and sometimes another guy talked to the girls, once things got started, I was able to ignore them. The action is sweet! The girls do occasionally glance at the camera, but they mostly seem really into each other, and that's not something you see in a lot of sites. Something else to love about these videos is that they are mostly over 30 minutes and some were over 40 so you have time to really get into a scene.

Each video comes with a set of pics, as well. These pics are high quality stills, not vidcaps, and they look pretty good. The pic sets are pretty large, offering more than 100 pics per set. While these are not professionally lit, they still show all the action including dildo penetration, strap on fucking and plenty of fingering and pussy licking. Navigation through the pics is easy but no zip file or slideshow is available.

Beside the Virgin Teen Lesbians, full members get access to a whole lotta smut! The network sites include Her First Lesbian Sex, which has 143 more first lesbian experience videos. You'll also find all sorts of reality porn in the network sites including Back Seat Bangers, Her First Big Cock and Teens for Cash. Then members can find all sorts of feeds on the Videos and Pictures pages, linked from the main menu.

I like the Virgin Teen Lesbians videos and pics a lot, and I look forward to seeing this site grow. Some of the girls are very sexy and while the video quality won't blow anyone away, it's certainly as good as many other porn sites. The pics are pretty good amateur quality, too, and you'll love the things these novice lesbians do to each other with their fingers and tongues. If you're looking for a site with a huge collection of lesbian videos that are exclusive to that site, this may not be the site for you. But beside the 11 Virgin Teen Lesbian videos, members get access to the 143 Her First Lesbian Sex videos as well as several lesbian feeds, so I think Virgin Teen Lesbians is definitely worth a look.

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