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As broadband availability increases and as costs come down it is only natural that we see an increase in the number of sites focusing on videos. We consumers have a variety of choices if we want to look at adult movies on the net. We can go to any of the big pay-per-view (PPV) providers and pay for what we want to see under a variety of pay plans, or we can join a site and for a monthly fee view as many movies as the site has to offer and we have time available. The monthly fee would seem to be the least costly way of looking at movies if the company has the kind of movies we want to see. To satisfy the great variety of interests in the porn viewing community a movie site must have a large inventory of movies that respond to the broadest range of interests. Companies like AEBN and Hot Movies claim to have more than 50,000 movies available. How does VideosZ compare? The promotional tour says they have 1,132 DVDs with 3,590 scenes. One thing is sure; we cannot expect to find the variety of offerings here that the big pay-per-view operations can offer. However, at AEBN it will cost you $14.95 to download a movie for a month. Here you can download all their movies for a fixed fee of $29.95 a month. So if this site has the kind of movies you want to see it would appear, on the surface of it, to represent a cost-saving alternative to the PPV companies and even to DVD rental and retail stores.

We can search on the site by titles and porn stars. I search for my favorite, Sunny Lee. She is not a big star so I am not expecting to find her, although I know I would on any of the big PPV sites. As expected she is not here. I click on Genres. They are 24 categories ranging from Anal to Toys. They do not have two of my favorite categories, Panties and Bondage. A word to the wise, before joining this site make sure that, like me, that your favorite categories of adult film are not missing. Twenty-two studios are signed up with VideosZ, including well-known companies like Elegant Angel, Jill Kelly Productions, and Red Light District, amongst others.

A new DVD is added to the site every day. Thumbnails are provides for all the new releases as well as the soon to be added releases so that you know what is coming next. I can browse by Most Downloaded DVDs, Top Picks and Best Rated DVDs or Most Downloaded Scenes or Best Rated Scenes. As you might expect there is considerable overlap between these somewhat redundant categories. I click the Best Rated scenes, curious to see how the ratings are derived. A dialog box opens requesting my user name and password. The movies are protected by Digital Rights Management (DMR) software. This means you will only be able to see the movies on your hard drive as long as you are a member of the site. There is an opportunity to rate each scene and clearly the folks who have rated these the best like stuff very different from my tastes. There were just too many obviously fake breast jobs for me.

I browse the categories and click on Handjobs. Curiously all the videos here are blowjob videos with titles like 100% Blowjobs and Gag on This. I chose one. Clips are available in Broadband Hi-def, Broadband Lo-def and Modem. Each option offers the alternative of downloading or streaming. I chose Broadband Hi-def and right click on the download and save to my hard drive. The file is large but the download speed is excellent 275 k/s. I start a second download using Broadband Lo-def for comparison purposes. Both downloads continue at over 250k/s. This is very good. I am on a DSL line. Both the hi-def and lo-def broadband downloads play on screens that appear to be 640x480 pixels and I cannot see a difference in the quality, one from the other, even when played at full screen. The quality is good. My recommendation, to save time on the downloads, is to choose the lo-def broadband option.

VideosZ is an alternative you should consider if you are interested in downloading adult videos to your computer. Unlike the big PPV companies, at VideosZ you are able to download and save videos to your hard drive indefinitely. My prediction is that companies like Hot Movies and AEBN will respond to this threat to their business by offering something similar in the future. Certainly the number of videos available here is far, far, less than at the afore-mentioned companies. Two of my favorite categories of Panty and Bondage, for example, are missing. You may, however, find exactly what you are looking for here. If you do, then this could be a very cost-effective option for you.

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