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Video Seekers

Reviewed on 12/21/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 3
Overall: 4.7

Main: Amateur

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Have you ever wanted to get into the porn business? Do you own a video camera? Could this site be your entrance into the adult entertainment world? Video Seekers describes itself as a members-based home video and photo web site. They say that they rely on real pictures and videos of real amateurs and first-timers. "There are new photos and videos uploaded daily to our servers. If you submit a photo or video and it is chosen to be included on our site you’ll get a hefty $500 bonus prize!"

I love amateur videos. They are often so much more realistic than the "professional" stuff. $500 for each video should attract a lot of submissions. That is not bad money for a first-timer and it is not a bad price to pay for an exclusive 30-40 minute video. I am curious to get inside and see how it works. You must be a member to submit a video. It will be interesting to see if they have a forum for like-minded members to communicate. It would seem to be a natural for this community of voyeurs and exhibitionists. They claim to have "1000’s of the best real amateur erotic vids on the net!". This does not ring true with their earlier implication of using only videos for which they have paid $500. Now I am curious to see what other lies they have told. Even a claim of 1000 amateur videos would have been hard to swallow, but thousands. My enthusiasm for the site has really been dampened. But my enthusiasm to expose them as the lying cheats I suspect they are is mounting.

There are 16 videos on the home page. I click on the link saying "View All Videos". Well what do you know? It links to the page I just left. There are in fact only 16 videos in total on the site. Yikes that is some considerable distance away from one thousand, let alone thousand of real amateur erotic videos. Why couldn’t they have just said hundreds of videos? What were they thinking? I wonder how many outraged customers they have who didn’t have the benefit of a review like this warning them to stay away from the site. I can’t imagine anyone would be happy to find a pay site with only 16 videos particularly after they were led to expect thousands.

The videos are available in wmv and QuickTime formats that play on a 320x240 pixels screen. Video quality varies from acceptable to good. The video can be streamed or downloaded in segments or as a full movie. The content also varies as you would expect by I have no confidence that these are really amateur videos submitted by members to the site. Why should they be? Why should we expect that they are telling the truth about this? Out of curiosity I click on the Submit A Video link. A name and address to send the videos are provided and we are told that if our video is picked as one of the hottest submitted videos they will pay $500 US. All submitted videos become the sole property of who can publish the video content in any shape or form they want. That sounds like the kind of deal these guys would offer. "Send us your videos and we’ll use them as we see fit and pay you if we feel like it."

Video Seekers is yet another pretend pay site. This is what I call sites that pretend to have enough content to warrant being considered a pay site. They are always associated with networks. Maybe Video Seekers could work as bonus content but as a stand-alone pay site it is are a phoney. Lately it seems the number of these pretend pay sites is increasing. Some like this one are more blatant in the lies they tell. Video Seekers say in their promotional tour that they have thousands of real amateur videos. They lie. They don’t have thousands. They don’t have hundreds. They don’t even have one hundred. They have 16 videos. Some are accompanied by picture sets (video captures). I cannot understand this marketing approach of over-promising and under-delivering. Does their business model rely on surfers being so lazy that they won’t demand their money back when confronted by this insult of a site?

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