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I don't generally say things like this, but I think VideoBox is probably the most impressive porn video site on the web. They have more movies, better quality movies and better ways to search that content than any site I've ever seen. There are currently 1151 full DVDs listed, which means 6504 full scenes are available for members to watch - and that's a LOT of fucking porn!

Something else that really stands out about VideoBox is that they now update with 5 full videos per day - which is around 20 scenes. Considering most sites add 1 scene per week, I'm pretty impressed with a site that adds around 140 scenes per week.

The member area is clean and well laid-out, and is almost exactly the same as the tour. There are plenty of ways to find videos. The newest additions are on the right side of the page, each with title, date added and a pic of the box cover. On the left is the menu, category list and some handy search options.

Those handy options come on dropdown menus and you can search by name of pornstar, name of studio, category, series or you can use the search box in the upper right to search any word or phrase you wish. You can get results by DVD titles or by scenes - and you can switch from DVDs to scenes with one click. Or for those who aren't sure, be sure and check out the Top Picks. From beautifully filmed and lit videos to the kinkiest most perverted and even a couple scenes that are all-out gross, every scene in Top Picks stands out in one way or another

The newer videos are the best quality videos I've ever seen in the web. They are the DVD rez videos and these puppies are shown at a screen size of 720x480 and stream at up to a whopping 3445k! They look great even if you go full screen and the only catch is people on slower broadband might not like the wait. Not to worry - VideoBox has enough speeds and qualities for everyone, but if you have a fast connection, be sure not to miss the DVD rez movies.

New videos are available in 4 speeds and sizes, older ones in 3. You can create your own clips by dragging and dropping the preview thumbs on the page with the video links. This is handy if you only want to see the end of a scene - just drag the second to last thumb to the big box on the left of the video links and drag the last thumb to the right box and the clips automatically give you only that part of the movie. It's almost like magic!

At VideoBox all the movies are WMVs that you can download the movies or just click and watch them. The oldest videos are available to watch in high rez, streaming at 696 and shown at 480x360. The medium rez vids are shown at 320x240 and stream at around 271 and the low rez older videos stream at 146k and are shown at 192x144. While that's as good or better than most sites I see, keep reading - it only gets better.

The more recent videos are shown in your choice of 4 speeds and sizes - DVD rez streams at around 2939k and is shown at a full 720x480, high rez which is shown at 480x352 and streams at around 809k, medium rez streams at around 300k and is shown at 320x240 and low rez streams at 146k with a screen size of 192x144.

Or for those who aren't sure of the numbers, the high rez videos are pretty big and good quality and the DVD quality movies are in-fucking-credible! Medium is good for folks on slower broadband and low rez is fine for people on dialup as long as they're just a little patient. There's a movie size and speed for any connection, and that's pretty cool.

One more thing worth knowing is that VideoBox doesn't use DRM, so the videos play easily and will play forever if you save them to your harddrive. And to top it all off, VideoBox is cheaper than most sites on the web - only $14.95 for the premium membership. You can pay only $9.95 for the standard membership, but that doesn't include the DVD rez movies.

Usually I put any complaints about the sites I review near the end, but there's not much to complain about with this site. There are probably some people out there who prefer other video formats to WMV. And there are no pics, but with over 6000 videos I didn't miss pics much.

I am giving VideoBox the highest score I've ever given to a site because they deserve it. They offer great quality videos in over 30 categories, and popular categories like teen, lesbian and amateurs have literally hundreds of full scenes. The videos come in 4 speeds, and the bests are incredible quality and quick to load. And don't forget that the site adds 5 full DVDs of content every day. If you ever wanted access to more porn than you could possibly ever watch, be sure and check VideoBox out for yourself - you'll be glad you did!

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