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Vanessa Teen

Reviewed on 11/10/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.5

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $9.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $19.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Well Vanessa, welcome to the Internet along with all the other just turned 18 girls that are hoping to make it. But for every Christine Young who breaks out of the pack and achieves notoriety on the net there a probably 1000's of Vanessa's and Veronica's that fall by the way side. Not that that is what I am predicting for you Vanessa. Well yes, actually that is what I am predicting for you. I don't like reviewing solo sites because they are so often so boring. How many times can one watch the same girl masturbate, no matter how colorful and varied her toys? How many pictures do we want to see of the banality of her daily life? Well the answer of course varies. If we fall in love with her the answer is we want to see and hear everything to do with her. That is why solo girl sites are both the best and worst kind of sites. And what must the girl do to make you fall in love with her. Well it helps to be attractive, but most of all her personality must come through; she must engage us in some way. The more interactive she can make her site and the more she communicates that she is interested in us, the more likely we are to remain as fans if her tour has been sufficiently engaging to draw us in. These are the things I look for in a successful solo girl site. I also want to see her interact with others, either guys or girls, but preferably both. This is a sex site. Does she have sex?

Vanessa thought her boobs were too small but a friend told her there were lots of guys who like small-breasted girls so she decided to make this "porn site". To entice us to join she says she has posed for thousands of pictures and they are all here and only here. There are also hours of uncensored video. Two hours qualifies as hours so I am not expecting lots of video. The trailer in her tour is not encouraging. It is 30 seconds of Vanessa in a series of poses from the various videos in her site. She doesn't speak in the video. I am pretty sure I am going to hate this site.

This is so far the best example I have seen of how not to run a solo girl site. There is no diary, no contact, no way of interacting with Vanessa. How can I become her fan if I can't contact her? Regular readers of my reviews will know I prefer videos to still images. There are 5 videos on the site, each approximately 20 minutes, so let's say 2 hours of video in total. There are indeed lots of pictures, more sets than I am willing to count, with over 150 pictures to a set. The few videos there are, are of good quality and I am happy to watch Vanessa masturbate after teasing us with a strip. Unfortunately, like the tour trailer, Vanessa does not speak. So I am figuring Vanessa is East European or Russian. That has been my experience so far when I run across these speechless porn personalities. That can work in a hot sex scene. It does not work in a solo girl site. She can't welcome us to the site. She can't relate to us. She is just a teenage model taking off her clothes. Yawn.

Being a member of her site allows us to access her "friend's" sites. There are a half dozen of them. I select the one featuring a pregnant teen. I am pretty sure the foreign language I hear in the one video I look at, is Slavic. I click on Tracy Stone. That's a kind of English sounding name you would think. Of course in the adult business a name means nothing although I would think that if you can't speak English something a little more exotic like Natasha might be better. Tracy is cute but silent. Just before leaving I try one more girl. Cumisha Jones. She speaks English and she speaks directly to the camera and the viewer. She is hot.

Vanessa Teen is a boring solo teen girl site that only has two hours of video and too many pictures of Vanessa in the same pose. There is no way to interact with her. There is no diary and we know nothing about her except what is communicated in the themes of her shoots, i.e. she likes to sit on the kitchen counter and masturbate or she likes to take a bath. And worst of all, she speaks no English. Why would anyone want to join this site?

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