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Reviewed on 2007-10-06 by Frank




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I am looking forward to visiting Ultimate Surrender. Not only is this the first female wrestling site that I will have looked at but more exciting is the fact that it is another site from that great producer of fetish sites, Kink.com. I have reviewed a number of their sites, Hogtied, Sex and Submission, The Training of O, Whipped Asses, Men in Pain, Water Bondage. I didn’t just like these sites; I loved them. I have seen female wrestling content before of the Jell-O and mud wrestling variety; girls in bikinis that might lose their tops or even bottoms. Leave it to Kink.com to take women’s erotic wrestling to a whole new level.

Like all the other sites in the Kink.com network, the promotional tour for Ultimate Surrender lets you view the whole site. There are 13 pages of content with 12 scenes to a page. Ultimate Surrender describes itself as offering "competitive non-scripted wrestling", both singles and tag team. The hot-bodied girls are dressed only in string thongs and all participants become unthonged during the fight. It seems the winners get to fuck the losers. There is no video trailer, but from the many images provided, it is clear that anything seems to go in a match, including boob and pussy grabbing, even sticking a finger her two up your opponent’s vagina. The tour provides lots of enticing pictures but it doesn’t really explain much about the rules of the match other than the winners fuck the losers. So let’s go inside and find out how it all works.

The first video I watch is a tag team match. I download 4 zip files very rapidly, 650 kb/s. The girls have taken on wrestling names. This match pits the Grappler and Spartica against the Butcher and the Killer. The video starts with the camera swooping in on the girls as they pose stretch erotically in preparation for the fight. Video quality is excellent even at full screen. Next the girls shit talk about the coming fight while their stats are displayed on the screen. The match begins with an arm wrestle. I am not sure why and what it achieves except perhaps points for the team of the winner. I am unfamiliar with wrestling in general so I have no idea of how the points are awarded but it seems that you get points for making holds, breaking holds, unthonging your opponent and inserting your fingers in her vagina. There is a big circle within which the girls fight and they seem to be able to go out of it without the fight being stopped. When a girl tags, that allows her partner to come in and then it is a two on one situation. The girls really go at it but there is no scratching, biting or pulling of hair. The object really does seem to get you fingers in the other girl’s pussy. The girls are very vigorous in pursuing their opponent’s pussy or protecting their own pussy. They go after each other aggressively and there sweaty bodies glow red with the exertion. This is great stuff for voyeurs who love to catch glimpses of bare pussy. For those who like it more explicit, the losers, incredibly given their tough names, Killer and Butcher, are fucked with strap-ons. Killer is sandwiched between The Grappler and Spartica, penetrated in both her orifices.

I chose a single girl match next, The Dragon (Dragon Lily) vs The Slayer (Sammie Rhodes). Dragon Lily appears in many Kink.com sites. She plays a great Dominant in Men in Pain. I am not sure if I have seen Sammie before but I sure want to see her again. She is a cute blond with an outstanding physique. The Dragon quickly puts down The Slayer in the arm wrestle, not a fortuitous event for the Slayer for it foreshadows her future defeat. The Dragon dominates the fight. She locks the Slayer’s head between her thighs and inserts 3 fingers into Slayer’s vagina while vigorously using her thumb against the hapless Slayer’s clit.

Earlier videos are divided into more parts so I stay with the shoots of the last 2 years that are divided into only four parts and downloadable as Real or Windows media files. There is also a single streaming version. All fights end with the losers submitting sexually to the winners. Like all other King.com sites members actively share comments on each match. Each match also has several sets of real photographs, downloadable in zip files.

Ultimate Surrender is another outstanding site from Kink.com. It offers unique content, beautifully filmed. What is not to love about beautiful naked women wresting to determine who will surrender sexually to the winner? Here the winner really does take all. Where will Kink.com go next? I am predicting an expansion into naked girl/guy wresting and naked guy/guy wrestling.

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