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Ultimate Fantasy Girls

Reviewed on 07/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.6

Main: Porn stars

1 Month: $24.99
3 Months: $49.99

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First Impression:
Today's review is of Ultimate Fantasy Girls. This seems to be a general hardcore pornstars site. But to be honest, the tour is pretty vague at what the site is really getting at, it mentions Catalina Cruz & friends, but I had to peek inside just to be able to describe it. It turns out it's a repository for videos and picture sets listed by porn starlets. The site promises DVD-quality videos, regular updates, and live cams.

The site is an easy-going layout without feeling empty. Navigation links are at the top of the pages, and at the left of most pages is a huge list of pornstars appearing in this site. The only ads are a couple not-particularly-intrusive banners for FlirtForFree, a cam site which has free content.

The models here are all porn actresses of all varying types. Some of the girls do hardcore, some do lesbian, some do solo. Each model either has a photo set or a video, some have both and a few have multiple sets. The content all seems to be culled from various sources, other sites and porn movies it seems. The videos run about 20 minutes each.

There are at least 120 videos in here - I say "at least" because the listing is by model and some of the models have more than 1 video. Updates don't seem to have ever been regular, they used to come about once every few days until a month ago - now there's been an update yesterday and the one before it was a month ago.

Videos come in WMV and QuickTime MOV formats. Many of the largest videos are 320x240, the WMVs have around 548kbps bitrate. Some of the newer entries are 400x300 or even 500x280, those WMVs have around 600kbps. And each format has a smaller version available. Playback is smooth on both formats as well.

Video quality is generally decent. The image usually looks good - some transfers are better than others - and can pull off full screen alright, they look pretty digitized of course, but they hold up better than most I've seen from this size. Audio quality is decent; some of the vids are at an acceptable level while others are turned down further.

Photos can only be found from the model index (aka the "Fantasy Girls" page). The photos are professionally shot and look very good. There are 168 models on this site, I didn't count every single photo set but it was averaging a little higher so probably 200 sets - not every model has a photo set but some models have multiple photo sets. Galleries have around 70 to 135 photos each, photos are about 700x1024 and roughly 150kb a piece. Each set has a zip file to download all the images at once.

Bonus content starts with access to 4 other sites in the network, including the official sites of Brooke Banner, Sydney Moon, and Jessica Jaymes which have some decent content on them. There's also Jessica Jaymes' regular live cam show and cam archive videos, and on that page is access to a live cam site. And finally, there's a dozen erotic stories.

My first negative is a lack of confidence in updates. They show the dates and the dates tell a story of a month before seeing new content added. And the claim of DVD-quality video here is just not true - they look ok, but it's not even close to that quality. Also, a lot of the videos are from other sites - they have other sites' URLs right on them, which makes this site feel like nothing more than a different way to index network content rather than a full site. Finally, the tour makes a lot more of the live cams than they actually are, if you've seen Camz and FlirtForFree, it's mostly that, plus the weekly shows on Sydney Moon's and Jessica Jaymes' sites.

I don't even know if Ultimate Fantasy Girls is really a site so much as a porn stockpile. But it does have a lot of content organized by porn star or model - each listed has at least 1 video scene or 1 photo set. The video isn't a great size but it looks pretty good considering. There's over a hundred videos and picture sets, and some pretty solid bonus sites. Bottom line, the vids aren't that big but there's plenty of them and they're organized by actress, so there's enough content here to recommend Ultimate Fantasy Girls as long as you keep in mind that the tour makes some inaccurate claims.

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