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Titjob Models

Reviewed on 07/21/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Big tits

2 Day Trial: $2.95 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
My first thought on being handed this assignment is why me? I don’t like boob jobs where the object is only size; bigger is not always better. But wait these breasts aren’t augmented. Titjob apparently doesn’t mean the same as boob job. Titjob is this site’s name for tit fucking. And why not? One can see the sense of it. After all we have hand job and foot job, so why not tit job? If only English were that regulated. The tits in the tour look like lovely natural parking places for dicks. What a lovely visual sight and feeling to have your cock and balls warmly enveloped by two shapely mounds of female flesh, erect nipples bouncing bolding with the accelerating motion of your mounting excitement. Check out the tour there are some nice images depicting exactly that. Unfortunately that is all you will get in the tour. There are no sample videos. This undoubtedly helps to keep their bandwidth usage down but leaves the surfer uninformed about the quality of the video in what appears to be essentially a video site. The tour is also vague about updates. They are regular, what ever that means and exclusive. All the girls in the tour wear hand-painted t-shirts.

I click the members’ link and am transported to Suck My Dick Now. When did we leave Kansas? It seems Titjob Models is part of the Suck MY Dick Now Network. It cannot be said that Titjob Models is updated regularly; you have to go back to Jun 8 to see an update and that is only pics. You have to go back to May 24 for a video update, Victoria. Updates to Suck My Dick Now occur every 4 or 5 days and involve updates to several of the network’s sites at a time. For example today’s update, July 18, 2007 includes new videos for Gag School, My Asian Massage and Cock Loving Moms. I scroll down the page looking for Titjob Models so I can see the Victoria update. I scroll past a statement saying, "New scene added in every single category, every day". This is an obviously untrue, given that it has been five days since the previous update and only 3 scenes were added. I am left bewildered but continue to scroll down the page past an up sell for Adult Friend Finder. God I despise that site. Whatever you do don’t click on it; you will be swarmed with pop-ups. In amongst "Our exclusive network of sites" I find Titjob Models. I enter the site and it says, "Victoria added May 24", right beside "We Add New Model Weekly!" in bold and red with an exclamation mark. What is it they say about the best of intentions? I scroll down 34 models until I come to Victoria. I find this unusual. Usually a new update would be at a start of the list? I right click and start the download which hovers around 235 kb/s. While waiting I go looking for the pictures mentioned in the tour as updates because there are no pictures associated with any of the videos I have just scrolled past. Strange, I can find pictures nowhere on Titjob Models. I later discover the pictures are, bizarrely, at the bottom of the Suck My Dick Now Network page. There are 15 sets in total. Look for future updates. They are real photos, not video captures. They vary in size, 398x600 pixels, 800x531 pixels. There is no slide show option.

I start a second download, Mason. These two downloads each maintain the 235 kb/s speed but any further movement with the network is out. It is clear from my scrolls up and down the site that all the shoots are exclusive to the site. Each girl wears a t-shirt saying so. Thirty four shoots (some models are in more than one scene) exclusive to a paysite is satisfactory amount of content, particularly if the site is updated on a regular weekly basis. I have no confidence this site will be updated regularly. Victoria Valentino is a beautiful brunette with lush natural breasts. She is felt up and then asked to get on her knees. After a dozen minutes of tit fucking, and blowjob, she baulks at licking his balls, the stunt cock cums on her breasts. The video is good quality, 640x480 pixels, 1.5 Mbps, and Victoria is a treat to look at. Mason is an older video. It is an MPG file and plays on a 320x240 screen. Quality is ok but I find a yellow cast to the video. Unlike Victoria. Mason’s video is not POV. She has a lovely pair of breasts that look so good you would almost think they were natural. Jasmine the pretty next girl I watch has faired less well under the scalpel. Her breasts look un-natural and the incision scars are clear. Rachel on the other hand is a natural cutie but a little too slutty for me; I like the girl next door. Four videos and four different couples; these videos offer some variety. I check a couple more and am content with what I see.

Titjob Models is a tit-fucking site with exclusive videos of girls getting guys off with their hands mouths and predominantly tits. In the half dozen videos I watch there is sufficient variety to keep me entertained. All the videos I saw except for the newest update are 320x240 in size. There are updates but they seem irregular. Titjob Models is part of a network of sites that offers dozens of other diversions for its members.

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