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Tiny's Black Adventures

Reviewed on 05/05/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.3

Main: Black

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
Who the hell is Tiny? That is the first thought that pops into my head. And the tour doesn't help. Tiny it seems is a little cartoon character with a big cock. The site claims to have "the raunchiest amateur black on black action". The first trailer of the tour says that Denna was recruited directly by Tiny. I click on the trailer in the hopes of seeing the real Tiny. Ok the trailer doesn't reveal much about tiny but one thing is clear, his dick that is really all we see of him, is not tiny. And Denna, she is a real beauty. If there are other women like her I want to join this site. There are lots of trailers so let's click on another. Khaleah looks fantastic. I click on her trailer. She is a cutie with a nice shaved camel-toe pussy. I also get to see the Tiny dude, I think, and he looks pretty much like his cartoon depiction on the tour. Khaleah, like Denna, doesn't seem to be afraid of a load of sperm delivered to her face. I want to check out one more trailer before going in. Let's see. Addiction looks hot. Wow she is. Ok I am convinced. The site looks very promising indeed. I hope it lives up to its promise. Several sites belonging to this network have disappointed me in the past after creating initial favourable impressions.

The most recent update is Dena Cali who is the Denna of the tour I admired so much. I quickly check the photo gallery. It offers both digital images and video captures of Dena. The movie can be watched in one-minute clips or the full movie. The only format available is wmv, which leaves some Mac users unhappy I am sure. Dena is interviewed by the same white woman who does the interviews for Big Cock Teen Addiction. The big cock here belongs to a black guy named John. In fact this whole shoot looks like it comes from another site. Where is Tiny? Dena is very attractive black women with smallish perky breasts. While John's cock is long, it is one of those dicks that curves down and thus never really looks fully erect. The action follows the standard boring format of blowjob, fucking, facial (in this case with lips tightly closed so that none of that nasty sperm gets in the mouth).

The site has not been updated in a month since Dena on Mar 15. Updates are very irregular and maybe average one a month at best. I click on Khaleah, also of the tour. She is interviewed by the same white woman who tells her that she is there to be fucked by a big black cock. The owner of said black cock is Byron. This leaves me wondering who the hell Tiny is? Khaleah is a very pretty 21-year old from California. She has a lovely shaved pussy with full meaty outer lips and would make a great camel-toe model.

Byron sort of looks like John but I am not really sure because I never get a clear look at his curved dick. This time he begins by eating her out and then there is a quick cut to his cock entering her vagina, a variety of fucking positions and then the cum shot into an open mouth and Khaleah saying come see me on Tiny's Black Adventures. To this point we have not yet Tiny. The two videos have been fine, if formulaic, but the concept escapes me. I search around for another pretty black girl to look at and find Marie. I really like her look. She is petite with a big smile and perky manner. A guy who tells us she was sent over by Tiny interviews her. So that's how it is. Tiny is never shown. He is like Charlie in Charlie's Angels. I guess I would have found out sooner if I had not skipped the first clips of the Dena and Khaleah.

The concept sucks in my opinion, but the girls are beautiful and worth watching. Marie is 22 and has a six-pack. Byron is definitely not John and I now know neither are Tiny. This video is so much superior to the first two. It is imaginatively shot, more playful and so much hotter. It is a combination of Marie who is naturally playful and the POV cameraman who knows how to shoot interesting angles and how to play with Marie to get the best out of her. Really great work!

Tiny's Black Adventures is a black couples site built around a weird connecting theme. Tiny is some guy who sends girls to be fucked by black guys. Why bother? The girls are beautiful but the action and the way it is shot varies from formulaic and boring to imaginative and arousing. There is some really hot stuff here. I recommend the site as acceptable. Members get access to 20 other bonus sites.

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