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Tia Sweet

Reviewed on 01/08/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Long blonde hair, full lips, slender body and a pretty 18 year old face - this describes Tia Sweet perfectly. She's an 18 year old with a website dedicated to her pics and videos and she's the kind of girl that most guys would like to lick up and down like a lollipop. She's a lot hotter than the girls I see on a lot of single model sites and her tour says that members get weekly updates, access to Tia's live cam and forum and direct contact info to contact Tia personally. Contact Tia personally? Who wouldn't want to do that? Let's log in and see what Tia Sweet has to offer!

The member area navigation is easy to figure out. All the nav links run across the top of the page, followed by a welcome and the site news. The site news was last updated when the site was started 7 months ago. That's not a good sign but let's keep going. Next to the site news are "My Favorite Shoots", then "My Up and Coming Update". Then comes the recent updates with dates, and darn it! Tia Sweet hasn't updated in 7 months, since the site was new. What a disappointment for a site with such a pretty girl!

Tia Sweet offers 9 videos. The movies are MPGs, which is a mixed blessing. Personally I prefer WMVs because they stream whereas you must wait for MPGs to fully download before they begin to play. On the other hand, MPGs are a universal video format so that Mac users and people using unusual players should have no problem watching these movies.

The videos are shown at 480x360 and are good amateur quality. While there is sound, and it seems to be pretty good, there's not much to hear in most of the videos. The ones I watched had room noise, occasional traffic noise, and 1 had the TV on in the background. You could hear noises like Tia bumping into a chair, but she neither speaks nor breathes hard so there wasn't much of Tia to hear. Too bad, but I must say that this girl is so hot that watching her is good stuff, even when she doesn't say anything.

The videos aren't well lit, but as long as your monitor's brightness is high, you won't have any problems. Most of the videos show Tia Sweet stripping, sort of writhing and bending over. While with some girls this wouldn't be all that exciting, this is the kind of girl I could watch all day with her long blonde hair, rounded thighs and nice ass. Too bad they didn't have her do things like go to the park, wear cheerleader and nurse outfits and get generally playful.

When I started downloading the first video, it began by downloading very quickly but as it kept going, it slowed down. Soon it was downloading at half the original speed and didn't speed back up again. It wasn't exactly slow, but it was far from blazing. The same thing happened with the other videos I downloaded.

There are 15 pic sets here. The photos here are medium sized and average quality. Tia is a natural model and ya gotta love those A cup tits with their puffy nipples but don't expect much in the way of pink - although Tia does get naked, this is a strictly softcore site. Each set is presented as a thumbnailed gallery with no zip files or slideshows offered.

Besides the pics and videos, Tia Sweet members get access to 27 bonus sites in a very wide variety of categories. From Brazilian booties to cum loving moms and everything in between, this is quite a collection of porn to keep members busy - but it's still too bad there's not more of Tia!

Tia's Webcam and Message Board were a disappointment - mostly because they aren't there! What I found really interesting about this is that on the tour, they actually show us what they say is the latest posts on the board - yet all that is there when you click the link are the words "Coming in 10 Days!” And judging when the last updates were - 7 months ago - I bet that 10 days is long since past.

Tia Sweet is a good news/bad news sort of site. On the good side, she is just about the cutest, sexiest girl I've ever seen in a single girl site. She's got great camera presence and a college girl look and is just the most fuckable looking chick ever. Her videos and pics are good sized and amateur to good amateur quality. The catch is that there aren't that many of them and the site hasn't updated in 7 months. Add to this the fact that there is no diary, no webcam and no forum and the site just isn't that big. A nice collection of bonus sites does sort of help out, but the bottom line is that Tia Sweet is just too small to be a good value even though Tia herself is melt-in-your-mouth gorgeous.

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