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We're here at Thugs and Juggs, a site devoted to hot interracial fucking of horny, big titted white chicks who love large black cocks any way they can take them. The sight of imposing monster cocks violating sex hungry white sluts is what interracial sex is all about and this site aims to show us all plenty of interracial sex in exclusive videos and pictures. Let's click the member link and see what Thugs and Juggs has to show us.

Thugs and Juggs welcomes us to the member area with the latest update, which is really easy to find. It is shown with a big thumb and a list of video options. Right below that are the site news, upcoming updates, and a site poll. Below that are 20 episodes listed on page one and five more on page two. Under these are 22 bonus sites, all accessible with your username and password, and 11 plugin feed sites at the bottom of the page. This page is very easy to navigate and find stuff as long as you watch out for the 3 deceptive ads above the bonus feeds.

Thugs and Juggs videos are presented in streaming wmv format with four to seven clips per episode and are offered in three different sizes: "Low", which streams at 78k and measures 160 x 120, "Med" which streams at 88k and measures 320x240, and "Hi", which streams at 495k and measures 400 x 300. The average clip length is about five minutes. I would consider these to be of lower amateur quality, still functional but with issues.

There is also a high quality mpg option which measures 320 x 240 and looks better than the wmv's. The mpg's are sharper and clearer and don't seem to have the problems the wmv's have. The wmv's seem to have a weird checkerboard effect to them. The edges of people and objects in the wmv's seem to have been cut out with a saw sometimes and look worse when they move. I'm not a video tech so I really don't know why or how this happened. The newest update though has a promising increase in streaming speed and looks a little better then the older episodes.

Thugs and Juggs has picture sets for each episode. They are vidcaps that measure 640 x 480 pixels and vary in number from 46 to 96 pics for each model. They show the action well but are a little blurry and have some pixelation problems. Still, these are not the worst I've seen and they get the point across while being still quite serviceable at the same time.

Thugs and Juggs offers 22 bonus sites to chose from and with the same username and password members can check out everything from Fat Booty Hoes to Ghetto Hoochies to Brazil Bang to Teenie Video and Whore Wagon, etc. There's a lot of stuff to check out in the bonus sites and should keep one busy for quite some time. There are also 11 third party bonus site with a wide variety of topics for members who want plenty of porn but beware! Those first three graphics are actually ads. Avoid those three big sneaky ads right under the words SOME GREAT ADDITIONS TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP and go right to the bottom where there are 11 actual working bonus sites to enjoy free of charge.

Here's what members get inside Thugs and Juggs: Large natural-breasted white women fucking and sucking big black dicks like they really mean it. The guys look like they have been around the hood but probably aren't gonna kill you, so I would call them "thug lite". The models are white, average looking, and have large, supple, natural breasts and do anal, facials, tit fucking, dp's, group, and everything else!

This site has a lot of what I'd call fun factor. Let me explain. How often do we see some bored slut getting worked over by a big cock for a set amount of time in a set number of positions to a predictable ending? Too many times, I would say. In contrast, Thugs and Juggs has women who are smiling, laughing, eager, and are truly having fun with their thugs and I think that there are some couples here fucking for the camera and having a great time doing it which I think is a refreshing take on porn these days.

Thugs and Juggs has a decent sized collection of exclusive content, with both wmv and mpg videos of amateur quality, pictures with every video, 22 bonus sites, 13 feeds, and minimal b.s. to get in the way. Both the pictures and the wmv's are blurry but the mpg videos are better quality and should satisfy most users. If you can live with the amateur quality of the content and you're interested in seeing interracial fucking and big titted white chicks who seem to be really having fun, then give Thugs and Juggs a try.

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