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Reviewed on 2007-08-07 by Frank




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After reviewing a couple of hundred sites in what many would consider to be a dream job I have to say that the vast majority of them are unremarkable. So I am always super delighted when I get to review a site that stands out from the ordinary and thankfully there are enough such sites sprinkled in amongst the clichéd clutter that accounts for so much of today's internet porn. The Training of O is one such site and one more feather in the cap. This growing collection of sites explores the kinkier side of sex, bondage, dominations, sado-masochism. It all began with one successful site and a lot of hard work by its owner. That site was Hogtied. It not only educated viewers in the art of bondage but it also pushed the limits by depicting bondage with sexual interaction, which had for long been considered a no-no. It did it well and has prospered into the site I raved about in my review. The Training of O is homage to the classic work of Pauline Reage, The Story of O. Anyone interested in BDSM will have read The Story of O, a woman who submits herself totally for love. For years it was thought that a woman could not have written this book. After 40 years of mystery Anne Duclos revealed in an interview with the New Yorker in 1994 that she was the author of The Story of O. She wrote it to prove her lover wrong when he said no women could write an erotic novel. He certainly could not have anticipated the arrival of Anne Rice amongst others.

Check out the preview of the site. It is like all the sites in the network. Everything is shown in the tour that you will find inside. There are no surprises. The images in the tour are extreme and will not be everyone's "cup of tea". You will find images of bound and suspended women with two cocks penetrating them, asses caned raw and red, bound submersion in water. The site is new and so the content is limited but like all sites in the Kink network it will update regularly once a week. I am so excited. Let's go in a have a look.

The site is as expected. We have the choice of viewing the videos in WMV or Real format. The movies are split into 3-6 large segments depending on the shoot. All segments can be downloaded at the same time in a zip file. There are large format, 800x1200 pixels, photographs that accompany each shoot. The photos can also be downloaded in a zip file. This is great because you can then view them in slide show using your computer's software. I like the way the scenes are set up with a training report on each girl. You can read them on the site's tour. They are erection producing.

I click on the Real version of Tawny Rider's second day and fill in the "toggle all" box and the download begins. It is slow, only 128 kb/s. I start a second load and it hovers around 125 kb/s. So it pays to always have two downloads going. I also discover that if you start to stream a video before you start the second download you can watch the video while the waiting for the other two videos to download. This will not work if you start the two downloads before streaming the video.

Both video and photo quality are very good. The videos, not in any order, depict slaves being trained over a four day period through episodes of painful punishment, physical deprivation and humiliation, sexual torment and abuse. Yet through out it remains erotic and in the tradition of other sites in the Kink nation the participants, the women involved debrief the viewers and her master on how she felt and what she liked and why. It is a terrific education for those who want to play in this domain but be forewarned these are advance players. As with other sites members get to comment on each shoot and their comments shape the nature of future shoots.

This is the second site I have reviewed, the other being Hogtied. This site pushes the limits of sexual dominance in a worthy homage to the BDSM classic "The Story of O". The site is young so there is a minimal amount of content, but more than sufficient for the launch of a new pay site that offers content unique to the internet. Those attracted to this kind of fantasy world are guaranteed a constant erection. Everything is well done, the lighting, the photos, the videos, the scenarios. Terrific site!

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