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Reviewed on 2007-01-30 by Basschick




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Whether you're a Latina lover or like anal sex, The Taste of Brazilian Ass has something to offer you as this site is all about sexy Brazilian babes who suck cock, get banged and then get their asses pounded on camera. The chicks on the tour are slender and sexy with shaved pussies and ripe, round butts just perfect for slamming a dick into so I'm going to log in and take a closer look so we can see what The Taste of Brazilian Ass has to offer.

The Taste of Brazilian Ass member area is simple and all the content is linked directly from the page you arrive at when you log in. At the top of the page are 3 big links - HOME, DVD STORE and HELP & SUPPORT. Directly below are the episode listings including 7 preview thumbs and links to pics and videos. Below them are 2 advertisements and links to 30 bonus sites and that's it!

The video come in clips but no full videos and are available in high and low quality WMV and MPG as well as "Super-High" WMV. For the most part, the movies are pretty much average quality with good sound, play smoothly and can be downloaded or streamed as you prefer. The low and high quality videos are shown at 320x240, and while I wish they were a little bigger - maybe 400x300 - the Super-High WMVs have that covered since they are shown at 640x480 and stream at around 1.26 mbps, which means that you can go full screen with these with only a little loss of quality. Btw, the low quality videos here are still way too big for dialup users but are probably perfect for those on slower broadband.

The pics are offered at the screen size of around 640x960 and can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries. Surprisingly since each thumb is horizontal, these pics are not vidcaps but are actually digital stills. While they do cover the action, the photography is on the amateur side and so are the pics themselves. I do feel that the pics do a pretty good job of showing all the action and penetration and while they aren't offered as a slideshow or in a zip file, it's easy to save a few from each set by simply right clicking and choosing "save as".

There are a few of these horny Brazilian girls who stood out for me - Monica, Sheyla and Mildred... Mildred? Now there's a name you don't hear very much! Nevertheless these three are pretty, they all look 18 to 21 and they just look hot. But don't get me wrong because none of the girls inside The Taste of Brazilian Ass are dogs. They're all on the amateur side and not only look good but don't mind getting banged good and hard after slurping on a cock in front of a camera and the cameraman.

Members also get access to 30 bonus sites including black guys fucking Latinas, public nudity and college girls but there was also something that annoyed me. There's a site there called Brazil Booty Bangers which seemed perfect for guys who joined The Taste of Brazilian Ass so I went to check it out and as I scrolled down the page, I saw Mildred and Monica and Patty from The Taste of Brazilian Ass in the exact same scenes. After checking back and forth, I realized that Brazil Booty Bangers has the same content as The Taste of Brazilian Ass - how disappointing! Still, there are 29 sites there with content that isn't inside the site.

There are currently 15 episodes inside The Taste of Brazilian Ass, each with pics and videos. There are no dates to be found anywhere and I suspect that this is a site that may not update since the company that owns it has several more 15-episode sites that don't update.

The Taste of Brazilian Ass is a good news/bad news site for me. The good news is the girls are hot, Brazilian and all take it in the ass. The videos are good amateur quality, fast to download and come in 2 formats and the pics aren't bad. The not so good news is that there are only 15 videos and I doubt that's going to change, and while there are 30 bonus sites with a good amount of content, the only other Latina ass fucking site has the same content as the original site. I feel that the site is a little pricy considering it has 15 videos but if you're into variety and lots of it, the bonus sites do add value. If this sounds good, why not check out The Taste of Brazilian Ass and see what they have to offer!

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