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The Real Workout

Reviewed on 06/01/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.3

Main: Uniforms
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $24.87
3 Months: $49.87

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The girls on the tour of The Real Workout aren't any more fit or firm than most porn chicks - what this tour focuses on is sex in the gym - and they certainly deliver that. All the models wear tight and tiny workout clothes and there's plenty of fucking and sucking. The tour makes a few promises - access to 5 bonus sites, exclusive content, easy to use member area and fast servers. They also let us know clearly that the trial membership is limited, and I appreciate that kind of honestly. So let's go see what we find in the member area of The Real Workout!

The member home page is, indeed, very easy to use and navigate. There's a navbar running across the page, followed by site news, some pics and links to everything in the latest update, links to more episodes. Plus there's the update schedule listed on the right and the bonus sites below. There's also a dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page with links to everything in the network including customer service. Except for several ads on the bottom of the page, under the content listings, all the member pages are clean well-organized.

There are currently 15 episodes inside The Real Workout, each listed with a thumb, model name, episode title and the date the episode was added to the site. In the last 2 months the site has added 2 episodes per month, and it's hard to know how long the site has been open, but there was only 1 update the month before. This is a little disappointing, but I've already checked out the content, and it's not disappointing at all.

The Real Workout offer each video in your choice of a downloadable full scene, 3 parts or 1-minute clips. All of these options are available in both WMV and MPG formats, and the downloadable full scenes are also offered in QuickTime. There's also a 10 minute "best of" version in and WMV and also MP4 for your iPod or QuickTime player. The biggest and best quality option available in the downloadable full scenes. The best vids are the full movies in WMV and QuickTime format. They're shown at 640x480 with a bitrate of around 1700k to 1850k at good quality. If you're on fast DSL or Cable, I'd definitely recommend you try these.

But if you're on a less-than-blazing broadband connection, or want to download the videos for your iPod or other handheld player, you have plenty of options. The vids are offered in thirds and in one-minute clips. It's worth mentioning that the MPGs here are offered smaller than the WMVs at 320x240, but they are good enough quality to be enlarged to 200% with only a little loss of quality and the clips and thirds aren't quite as big as the high quality full scenes. BTW, I didn't care for the streaming versions of the videos because they are shown in an embedded player that makes the larger videos smaller and misshapen.

Each episode comes with a set of pics and a set of vidcaps. The pics are good quality digital stills shown at 1050x700. They capture the action well and can be either browsed in thumbnailed galleries, downloaded in zip files or you can sit back and enjoy each pic set in a hands-free slideshow. And if you'd like to get a preview of the action before you watch each video, each set has a good-sized collection of fairly good quality vidcaps.

Members of The Real Workout also get access to 5 exclusive bonus sites in the same network. They're a nice mix of niches including sex at school, latina pussy, solo chicks masturbating, euro porn, oral and trailer trash girls. Some of the sites are much bigger than The Real Workout where others are just a little bigger, but the entire network does add a lot more content for members.

Did the site have issues? One thing worth mentioning is that there are ads at the bottom of most of the pages inside the member area, but they are below the content and don't interfere with browsing, videos or galleries. But I think more important is that the site is not keeping to its promised update schedule. I liked the content, but with only 15 episodes and irregular updates, it's hard to see this site growing as fast as it should be.

While the models at The Real Workout aren't fitness models are hard bodies, they are hot chicks with nice bodies and the action does take place in gyms and around workouts. There are definitely some good features here - the videos are good quality, available in more than one format and downloadable at pretty fast speeds. The pics are good quality, also, and you can download them in zip files. And the action is sexy, fun and definitely hardcore with reality plots. On the downside, the trial membership is limited and the site currently offers 15 episodes and updates only twice a month, although members get access to 5 bonus sites with exclusive content. The bottom line - if you don't mind smaller sites and like the idea of sex at the gym, the Real Workout does deliver. Why not check the site out and see what you think!

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