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The Big Swallow

Reviewed on 05/28/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 8.0

Main: Cum shots

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
If you are one of the many guys out there that likes facial cum shots this site will have appeal. There are those who will argue that there is no such thing as a bad facial and the more cum you can spatter on a pretty face the better. The natural extension of this is the bukkake fad and right now I don't know who is winning in dumping the most cum on to a face, the Japanese who invented the practice, or the Americans who always can be counted on to go to excess. I however do not like facials in which it is clear the receiver would prefer not to be receiving. I don't find it very erotic, that look of disgust or resignation on the girl's face, as some guy jerks his load on to her. That is why this site promises to be more to my liking. I figure any girl signing up to do a shoot on a site that is dedicated to girls swallowing sperm is not going to be a girl who is reluctant to get some cum on her face. Indeed the site's tour indicates that is precisely what we will find inside. These girls look as thought they are really into sucking cock. There are lots of trailers in the tour that you can look at. The format seems to be one of an interview by a female interviewer who finds out what it is that these cuties like about sperm. There is also lots of exuberant fucking and sucking so let's get inside and see if this site is going to live up to its very good first impression.

Once inside we are in familiar territory. The page is set up like all the other sites in the All Reality Pass group of which this site is a member. You have access to all 25 sites with membership to The Big Swallow. The most recent up date, Lindsay, is April 25, 2006. Today is May 9. It seems the site is updated once or twice a month but there are updates to one site or another at allrealitypass every day. I have liked some of their sites in their multi-offerings and have been very disappointed with others. Lindsay is a girl in one of the trailers I looked at before coming in so I have a pretty idea of what I am going to see. Her interview reveals that she is 19, likes to have her hair pulled and to be choked while she is fucked. As I predicted she is not afraid of a little sperm. The shoot finishes with her happily receiving Joey's creamy offering on her tongue, swallowing it and then opening wide to demonstrate to us that she has swallowed all of it.

The videos are available in low medium and high bandwidths and are 320x240 pixels. All the videos stream immediately in wmv format, the only format available. Digital stills as well as video captures accompany Lindsay's movie that can be viewed in one-minute clips or in its entirety. I watch several other movies, choosing the most attractive girls based on their photos. Each video follows the same format. A female interviewer establishes a few facts about the girl, like her age, favorite sexual position and the fact that she likes to suck cock and swallow cum. The cocks are large and larger. Each scene unfolds in a near identical manner with some cock sucking, some pussy eating, some fucking and then the big finale. Some of the girls are more creative with the cum before finally swallowing it, but all seem to be into it.

I find after a half dozen or so videos I begin to lose interest in seeing any more. They are just too similar for me. I know some people like that, no surprises, they know exactly what they are going to get and are happy with that. Not me. I like variety. And just when I think I won't be able to look at one more of these videos; I find variety. It exists in the earlier updates to site. Bianca, Harmony and Gia updates from October, July and June 2004 respectively. These are shot by a different person. Here the cameraman is also interviewer and model fondler. The interaction with the girls is more engaging and energetic and the quality of the video work is superior with great angles and close-ups. Let's see more videos with this team rather than the drier one lead by the female interviewer, though it must be said that she occasionally found the girls too attractive to resist groping them as well.

I like this site. I found it erotic. Like a lot of you, I like a facial at the end of a porn shoot but only if it is clear that the woman is into it. Otherwise I simply do not find it erotic. This site promised to deliver exactly those kinds of happy endings and I am glad to say it delivered on its promise. I began to find some of the videos unduly repetitive but soon discovered another video crew's work on the site that provided the variety I sought. The site is part of the allrealitypass network and you will have access to 25 sites in total. That makes the price of admission very reasonable. Check out The Big Swallow.

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