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Teen Topanga

Reviewed on 07/28/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Teen Topanga is yet another solo girl site. I must have reviewed a good half dozen solo girl sites by now. I generally don’t like them particularly if it is only about the one girl. There is simply not enough variety for me. I can understand the attraction of such sites if the girl happens to be the girl of your dreams. I would never give a poor review to a solo girl site just because I didn’t like the girl. We are all attracted to different types. For a solo girl site to work she must be attractive to enough guys and able to engage them for long enough that they keep renewing. This means she must interact with her fan base and give each fan the impression that she cares about him or her. A site that does that well will make money because it is unique. There is after all only one Topanga. But, for a solo girl site to interest me she has to be an interesting girl with an interesting sex life. Topanga sure is cute enough. She looks the eighteen that she says she is and the retainer on her teeth reinforces the image. She says that she loves to explore her body on film and that she will show us everything. I click her "I make dirty movies too" to see her trailer. I can view it on medium or high quality settings. The quality is good at both settings for the size of the video but I do not see her being dirty unless the suggestion of her getting ready to pee is what she means. Some of the images on the tour support the text that says she "likes to try a lot of new things, like playing with my girlfriends." There is no evidence she like to play with boys though. The site promotes itself as having 100% exclusive content, weekly updates, exclusive bonus sites, DVD quality videos and multiple speeds and formats. There is no mention of Topanga having a diary or interacting with her fans. The only way to find out more is to go in.

On arriving at the home page I am greeted my a message of welcome saying that if I want to talk or have a special request I can email Topanga. That’s a good beginning and I would hope she is responsive. Less promising is the next message informing me that for more money I can upgrade to a VIP membership that will give me access to six more sites including the Simpson Twins and the Milton Twins (apparently they have a site of their own too). Any good will I have been feeling toward Teen Topanga is quickly dissipating. Are these the bonus sites I was promised in the tour? Unable to believe that, I look around for the bonus link. At the bottom of the page I find three bonus sites available to members. The first one called Private L.TV is a potpourri of movies clips and photo-shoots. The clips are a mix of real and wmv files and vary from 30 seconds to a minute and have no sound except for an overlay of cheap music. The second one, Panties Down, has pictures of girls in panties but no videos and the third Teen Age Pink seems very similar to the Private L.TV with photos and short 30 sec to 60 second clips of girls stripping and/or masturbating.

As for Teen Topanga herself, there are 49 photo-shoots. 95% of them are Topanga on her own, being cute. The photo images are huge. The videos are presented in a bizarre format. Click on a video and a little window that you cannot enlarge opens with an off-centre image of the scene and options to click on 1 to 6 clips at 768k mpg or 768k wmv or 364 wmv or to download the whole clip as an mpeg. I try all the options. The video quality is good and all three options play on a 320x240 pixels screen. I like the video clip of Topanga playing with her two friends. I could even believe that some of the orgasms are real. The site needs more shoots of Topanga interacting with others. It already has enough of her solo, particularly in the photo section. By the way the photos are not only large they are well done.

Check out Teen Topanga. Maybe she is the girl of your dreams. She is a cute enough eighteen years old. There is not yet much content on the site, really only enough to justify its launch. But with the promised weekly updates it will become increasingly interesting in time, particularly if Topanga continues in the vane of her most recent video updates. I really liked the 3-girl shoot. What I did not like is that immediately upon entering the site they try to make you pay more by upgrading to VIP status to get access to another 6 sites. I dislike getting hit by an up-sell the moment I enter a site I have just paid money to see.

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