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Teens for Cash

Reviewed on 01/30/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 7.8

Main: Teen
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today, I'm reviewing Teens for Cash. This is a teen hardcore reality site. The gimmick being 2 older guys find a teen girl on the street and toss some money her way, get her back to the apartment, and little by little find the price that will convince her to screw them. Cash, cute girls, and sex with old guys - is there anything more classic in reality porn than that recipe?

The first page of the members area is somewhat confusing. There's a lot of different stuff trying to get your attention including a few ads under the left navigation menu, and sorting out what actually is about this site and what's about other sites in the network can be daunting when even the "videos" and "pictures" links don't take you directly to the content. Clicking the site's main update, or the site's profile that shows up first on either of the "videos" and "pictures" pages will open a new window which will contain the main content and from there navigation is very direct. There is a misleading ad inside the content area though, at the bottom of most pages that says "download full-length movie" and sends you off to an outside pay-per-view site, so watch for that.

The models are late teens to early twenties types, a variety of girls ranging slim to average builds with a few busty, all different hair colors, some different ethnicities. Many are cute and fairly fresh-looking, a few less so - but such is the roulette of life. Nearly all the girls are wearing tight tops and short skirts when we meet them, and apparently the best way to tell a girl is a teen model is the fact that nearly all of 'em have their hair up in pony tails - well of course I'm fooled by it, it's a cunning disguise! And no surprise that most of the girls are shaved. The basic idea is a couple old guys find a girl on the street, give her a little money, convince her to come back to an apartment to make more money under other pretenses, then find out how much money it'd take to do various things like selling their underwear, then finally how much to fuck 'em. One thing that bugs me a bit is the tour claims its their first time on camera and then just a brief look into other sites on their network you'll almost instantly notice some of the same models in action there.

There are currently 175 self-hosted videos, the videos run between 40-50 minutes or so. The site updates dating back to the middle of 2003, with updates hitting every 6 to 10 days.

Videos are offered in 2 formats, WMV and QuickTime, at 3 speeds each - 1 for dial-up, DSL, and broadband users - the broadband videos run around 520 kbps bitrate, the DSLs around 140 kbps, and the dial-ups 40 kbps. Both formats are offered at 320x240, the WMVs have a link for 640x480 but it's just the same smaller video displayed at double size. The dial-up speed WMVs play pretty choppy and should be avoided, the dial-up QuickTimes play smoother and look better; the DSL speed WMVs look ok and stream fast and not too choppy, but the best picture and smoothest playback is of course the broadband ones. The videos are cut up into clips between 2 and 5 minutes long depending on which speed you choose.

The videos are decent quality for camcorder-style internet porn. Once they get back to the apartment, it's fairly clear and focused, the lighting is good and the camera stays fluid enough to get the action and close-ups without moving too much. The set-up stuff out in the world can be dark and hard to see though, but that's not where the action is anyway. The smaller dimensions and low bitrate of the videos does lessen the quality video in both formats though, the QuickTime versions hurt a little worse at the higher 2 sizes than the WMVs, but all around the video image suffers from being smaller files. The sound is somewhat poor even for a camcorder vid, some of it comes out loud enough right away that you can hear but is so distorted that you still have to turn up your volume.

Each episode also has a photo gallery, so there are 175 picture sets here. Each gallery has around 170 to 200 photos each, so that's around 32,000 photos total. The pictures are mostly separately-shot stills, though some of the older sets have a few video-captures thrown in as well. The clarity on all of 'em is pretty decent, even the vidcaps, though some are a little dimmer than their corresponding videos because they were shot from different angles and such. The photos are generally 800x600 or vice-versa, and weigh in around 100kb each. Navigating the galleries is easy as each photo page has links to the next and previous pics as well as the gallery main page.

There's a lot of bonus content with membership, with direct access to 27 other regularly-updated sites on their network. The network also has free iPod video clips from their various sites (which look better than the regular videos). There's also access to over 100 other bonus video and photo sites. Plus the "reading room" with access to sites with sex articles, advice columns, adult-themed computer games, porn comics, and smut stories.

The chief negative on this site is the videos are somewhat small and have low bitrates - that could be better - and not-so-great sound quality. And pretending there are 640x480 vids when they're just the regular ones upsized is just lame. Also, the main members page feels cluttered and difficult to figure out at first. Calling these girls "first timers" in the tour and then having them appear on other sites on the network is a bit goofy but relatively minor I suppose. The tour itself doesn't tell you what the prices are on the first join page. (Does it count if I think the theme of teen girls getting suckered into screwing 2 old guys for money is a negative? Oh well, I suppose not, that's the intended theme after all.)

In conclusion, this member area starts out a little hard to navigate but once you figure out the main page it's pretty simple. The girls fit the niche pretty well and do indeed end up fucking old guys for money. There are a ton of video episodes and each runs a good length, there's well over 100 hours worth and more are added on a regular basis. The videos are offered in 2 formats but only 1 physical size which could be better; at least they're shot pretty decently for reality internet porn. There are also photo galleries for each episode and a good number of pics in each. Membership does come with a good array of bonuses as well. If you're looking for high-quality videos this probably isn't the site for you, but if you can dig quantity and model variety over video quality then Teens for Cash is worth checking out.

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