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Teen Hitchhikers

Reviewed on 08/14/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.8

Main: Teen
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
When I was a boy my mother used to warn my sister and I not to hitchhike. It was that "don’t take candy from strangers" kind of thinking. Only hitchhiking was even worst because you would be inviting the danger on yourself. Teen Hitchhikers is a great domain name. It is fraught with implied danger. What a risky business if you are an attractive teen-age girl. And clearly what these girls risk is a good fucking. Actually it seems that times have changed since I was a boy. If one goes by the premise of the many video trailers on the tour, these girls are the predators. Every single one of them wants to get into the pants of the helpful guys picking them up. Turn off the sound and that’s the way it looks. The teenage hotties (18 plus of course) can’t wait to start taking their clothes off and getting at the dick of the poor dude unlucky enough to be sitting in the back seat beside one of these sperm-seeking cuties as she succumbs to her seething sex hormones. The trailers are available in 3 speeds and I watch them on the cable option. I have a fast DSL connection and the video streams quickly. It plays on a 640x480 screen. I rate its quality as good. The site says they update every week and that they are looking for a Hitchhiker in Montreal. Coincidentally I live in Montreal. I bet they are looking for a hitchhiker in the town you live in too. I wonder if the know about Dildo Newfoundland. They should be looking for hitchhikers there, not much public transport. There are lots of trailers and the girls look good. So what if is another "pick up girls in the street and fuck them in you van site". We must like this stuff. There are so many of these sites. Let’s check this knock-off.

The member’s area is familiar. I have been to other sites in this network. One of the things about this operation that pisses me off is that they have better quality video in their trailers in the tours then they do in the member’s area. The tour trailers were 640x480 pixels. Inside the large size videos are only 320x240 pixels. Another characteristic of this network that I do not like, it divides its movies into segments. There are no full versions of the movies available. The segments are one minute each. There are wmv segments of longer duration but I cannot make them work. The DRM license that drops down does not recognize my user name and password. I have had this trouble with other sites in this network but I know the wmv files play for a friend of mine on her computer. This is the only place that I have this problem. I don’t know if others will encounter it. It may be that the wmv versions of the movies play on a 640x480 pixel screen. I don’t know. I also find it peculiar that they use Digital Rights Management (DMR) to protect the wmv clips but not the mpeg clips.

The photos are 499x748 pixels and were shot as the same time as the video. There is no slide show option but you can manually advance through the pictures. I find the pictures a good way to determine if I want to spend the time downloading segments of the movie. I really like the pictures of Christie and conclude she is worth the effort, except there are 58 segments and each have to be downloaded if I want to watch the whole movie. I can’t imagine doing that very often. As it turns out I only watch about 10 segments making sure I catch her final unflinching facial. I soon discover that not all the picture sets are the same size. Here are some that are 600x800 pixels, a more normal size. Another set I look at is 521x800. There are over 90 video and picture sets on the site. All the content appears exclusive to the site and follows the same format, a hitchhiking girl is picked up, played with in a car and then brought home to be fucked. I am guessing all 90 girls receive a facial cum shot whether they want it or not. Many of the girls are very cute. I am disappointed by the lack of a full version of the movies. Broadband users do not want one-minute segments.

Teen Hitchhikers is like those sites you see where the girls get fucked in a van or limo or whatever, only with a twist. These girls get played with in the van, demonstrate their blowjob skills and then are brought home to be fucked and facialized. There are over 90 sets of exclusive videos and pictures. The pictures are as worthwhile watching as the videos. The videos are only available in segments. No full movie versions are available. I find the repetitive format a little wearing. On the plus side, you know exactly what is going to happen to that "cute young thing" hitchhiking on the side of the road.

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