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Reviewed on 2007-07-25 by J.R.




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Next up is Teen Brazil. This is a hardcore teen site. Brazil sure has a reputation, huh? You'd think all the women there were sex-starved sluts, a zombie-esque army marching across the beaches looking to fuck anything that moves, and maybe they are, I dunno, but you've got to wonder what the Brazilian government thinks of the rest of the world's opinion of them: wild, cock-crazed, dark-skinned superfreaks. Or maybe they're down with it, and push the idea to get sites like this to bring attention to them. Uhh... anyway, this tour promises twice a week updates, DVD-quality videos across 3 formats (including Mac & iPod) and 2 speeds, and access to a download manager and 20 sites in the network.

The members area looks a little clunky and is busy and a bit crowded. There's navigation at the top of the pages under the header. The site is ad-heavy with a couple links in the navbar, pay-per-view video and dating graphic ads on the homepage, a dating text link and a fleshlight box ad on most pages, and a "site reviews" page of sponsor links. One navigation annoyance is the photos pages, I don't mind that they open in a new window, but going from one page to the next is an easily overlooked, small arrow at the top.

A majority of the models here do seem to fit the bill, teen and Brazilian (or at least Latina) - a small number seemed a little white to me, which I only mention because they commented on the issue in the tour. The girls range in attractiveness from "alright" to "cute", and mostly have good bodies. Some episodes start with posing, others get right down to the sex, and a few are threesomes (one way or the other). Videos run around 18 to 28 minutes.

There are 28 video episodes found here. Updates for this site stopped about 3 months ago.

Videos are offered in WMV, MPEG, QuickTime MOV, and iPod MP4 formats. The largest video size is 720x480, found on the MPEG, MOV, and larger 2 WMV options - those have bitrates of 2091kbps and 1091kbps, respectively. These can go to full screen easily. The smaller vid, besides iPod, is the lowest WMV at 320x240 and 692kbps bitrate. Playback is smooth and there's no DRM.

Video quality is pretty nice, good detail and color for standard-def on the web. The image is a bit grainy and can be fairly dark, but otherwise they look solid and a welcome addition to anyone's collection. The MOV versions don't look as good though, they look like the files were over-compressed or something, quite digitally chewed up. Audio is adequate, though on a couple episodes it's set low.

There are 22 photo sets on this site. Galleries have around 15 to 50 pics each. Photos are generally 819x1230 and 150 to 400kb. Strangely, the main pics page uses thumbs which aren't in the photo sets themselves. The photos mainly have strong clarity, though in some pics I found it too harsh, and a couple were either motion-blur or focus issues. Color is alright, but lighting is a little off. The sets have the girl posing for a few shots then down to action, though with so few shots nothing's covered in much depth.

Bonus content includes access to 21 sites in their network, 1 of which updates every day. Their sites include a Latina site, as well as a couple anal sites, a few interracial ones, and a bunch of hardcore niches. There's also 5 single-model teen sites, but they're linked wrong so they act like they're gonna let you in then tell you it didn't work, and don't give you a direct link to the login page - if you can get to those login pages though, your password does work.

Negatives starts with a lack of updates for this site, they simply stopped posting content a few months ago. There's also too many ads in the members area. And why mention having a download manager if you don't have one? It's not a huge hook and it's certainly not expected.

The members area to Teen Brazil is underwhelming and has too many ads, but it isn't hard to use. The videos look good, if a little dark, and are a decent length and respectable size. The photos look alright, but I would have liked to see more per set. However, they no longer update, leaving the site at 28 videos and 22 photo sets. Ultimately, Teen Brazil is probably worth checking out, but with no updates there's no reason to stay a member once you've seen everything.

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