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If watching girls squirt when they cum turns you on, you'll be happy to know there's a new female ejaculation site in town. Unlike many squirting sites out there, Team Squirt is not just another site full of content bought from DVDs. Team Squirt gets out there, finds real women who squirt when they cum and shoot videos of these women in very wet action. Not only that, this site is brought to you by the same folks who make Milf Hunter and We Live Together. So what am I waiting for? Let's go check out the member area of Team Squirt!

The member area layout of Team Squirt is simple and easy to navigate. There are navigation links across the top of the page but you can actually get to most of the content just by scrolling down the main member page. Below the links is Team Squirt's latest update. It is shown with a big preview thumb, some info about the video, plus links to pics and videos. Under the latest update are links to the rest of the videos, each video shown with a thumb of the girl, her name, the episode title, date added and a little text. At this time there are 8 videos, each with pictures.

Before we go any further, I want to tell you that the first thing I did was download 2 of the full videos and go through them to look for squirting. One of these girls is incredibly noisy and she shoots her load of pussy juice twice. The video angle is better than most squirting videos I've seen and a few drops of this chick's gusher hit the camera lens. Now let's talk about the quality and size of the Team Squirt videos.

Each video in Team Squirt is available in either clips or "full" download. I say "full" because actually each full download is for 1/3 of the movie. You can watch the clips in your choice of MPG or 2 sizes of WMV. The full download is available as a WMV.

The MPGs are shown at a screen size of 480x360. They look good and if you enlarge them to 200%, they look still look pretty good. If you go full screen and you are on 1024x768 you will see a lack of quality and sharpness but that's to be expected.

The broadband WMV clips are shown on the player at 480x390 but if you download the full videos, you will discover that they are actually 480x360. Why do they make the videos 30 pixels taller than their actual size when watched in the player? I suppose it's to make the videos look bigger than the page. The dialup clips are shown at 200x220. The broadband videos stream at 540k and the dialup clips are streamed at 132k.

Overall the Team Squirt videos are good amateur quality. The videos are hot to watch and definitely deliver the action but they lack the sharpness of really good quality video. Also on some very fast action, you may notice a bit of blurring. Still I must say that the movies here are better quality than I've seen in a lot of amateur sites.

Each movie also comes with high rez photos. The photos usually start with some posing and then follow all the action. These pics are not vidcaps but are taken with a digital video. The photography is amateur but the pic quality is pretty good. The pics are a good size, shown at a screen size of 800x531.

A nice thing about Team Squirt is that they give you nice long 30 minute movies and plenty of pics with every shoot. I get tired of going to sites that have only 9 minute videos and a small handful of pics so it's always nice to find another site that doesn't stint in this area.

Beside the videos and pics, Team Squirt members get access to 18 bonus sites. These aren't cheesy paid feeds or small collections - these are sites full of exclusive content and all sorts of categories of porn. From famous sites like MILF Hunter and Mike's Apartment to newer sites like Round and Brown and MILF Next Door, these sites all offer some of the hottest hardcore and reality sex movies. I'd say that for guys who love watching a variety of porn, these bonus sites add a whole lot of value for Team Squirt members.

Team Squirt delivers some of the best female ejaculation videos I've seen. The videos and pics are good amateur quality, quick to load and you will definitely see girls squirt as they cum. Because the site is brand-new there are currently 8 videos but the collection of bonus sites help keep members busy. Also Team Squirt will be updating every week as do all the sites in this network. If you're looking for fresh and original squirting videos, I recommend you surf on over to Team Squirt and see what they have to offer!

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