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Reviewed on 2007-05-05 by Relentless




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If you have been looking around the web at one fisting site after another and always end up going away without being impressed... get ready to be impressed because Teach Me Fisting is all the five finger fucking you have been looking for - and it only gets better after that!

Teach Me Fisting is by far the best site I have ever seen for fisting fans. I would tell these girls to give themselves a round of applause but it is impossible for them to clap with only one hand available! No tricks, no annoying camera angles... no leaving the thumb out. These pretty girls each take the whole hand, a friend's hand, a baseball bat or a variety of other tools into their cunts and they rarely stop smiling for even a moment the whole time their holes are full!

The site already contains an archive of 127 complete updates. Each one includes video and picture sets that truly bring your fisting fetish to life. The interface of the site is very simple to use and things are clearly marked so even an internet novice will have no trouble at all finding their way around.

The site updates weekly but instead of waiting 7 days for new smut, the site gives you a new clip of the action each day (one seventh of a scene each day of the week) with the finale and the complete scene one click download becoming available each Tuesday. You also get complete access to all of the past 126 scenes the moment you signup.

Each video update can be streamed online if you do not want porn on your hard drive or you can download scene segments as medium quality segments which are approximately 25MB each with a resolution of 400x300 and last about 3 minutes in length. You can also download clips in high res or the entire episode as a complete video with one click. The high-res versions are clear, well lit 512x384 format shoots that last about 45 minutes each and run around 500MB a piece.

Stats and numbers do not do this site justice. It's one thing to have video of whatever resolution; it's something else to have content that actually makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is real fisting, a girl getting her twat crammed full of foreign objects while another girl or a camera man cheers her on and makes sure she doesn't get stingy with the thick end of the baseball bat!

Picture sets on this site are 120-150 images per update. They are in crystal clear 1280x856 resolution and are suitable for printing out, collecting on your hard drive or freaking out your wife by updating your computer screen wallpaper with then daily! To make things easier on dialup users Teach Me Fisting allows members to download entire picture sets or one page of pictures at a time as .zip files. That means quick downloads of 100s of pictures and any one of which might quickly become your all time favorite!

You can become a member with either their 1 day trial subscription for $1.95, 30 day monthly membership for $29.95 or you can purchase a package of sites owned by the same company. Best of all, if you signup for Teach Me Fisting and remain a member for a couple months they offer a loyalty bonus where they actually lower your monthly price and add two new quality sites to your portfolio every month you remain a member. That kind of thinking shows they really care about you after you are a member, not just until you join!

If you look around BitchMag at some of my other reviews you will see I am not easily impressed by porn sites. This one however is above and beyond anything I expected when I first signed up to review it. Teach Me Fisting is the perfect fisting website and may well be one of the best sites I have seen recently overall!

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