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Taylor Bow

Reviewed on 05/03/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.5

Main: Single model
Additional: Homemade

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $23.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Taylor Bow is not only the name of this site - it's also the name of the "ex-girlfriend" who stars in the site. As the first "real ex-girlfriend revenge site", Taylor Bow introduces us to Taylor, the girl who broke some guy's heart so badly he decided to get even by putting their private videos online for public enjoyment.

The member area of Taylor Bow is basic, simple and to the point. There are 20 videos listed in five "chapters" and each chapter contains 4 videos with pics. There is a preview thumb for each video plus a title like "Skateboarding, then we fucked in the laundry".

One of the things that makes this site so much fun is that Taylor Bow is an amateur cutie that most guys would love to date, fuck and get fucked over by. She is a talented and enthusiastic cock-sucker who is ready, willing and able to give a blowjob in the car or get taped getting a quickie before class. The girl looks like a normal pretty girl with a great body but no heavy makeup and no fake boobs to ruin the amateur feel of the site.

When you click on a thumb, you are taken to the page for that video. There is some text at the top of each video's page and that text is the same on all the video pages. Under it is the link to the pics. Beneath that are the video clips, each one shown by a preview thumb. There are no full video download links.

The Taylor Bow videos are MPGs. Some are shown at a screen size of 480x350 where others are shown at 352x263. The MPGs are good amateur quality with good sound, and they load pretty fast. The videos are only available in one size.

The movies on Taylor Bow are shot with enough small technical problems to make it seem that an actual amateur guy shot the movies of his girlfriend. Little things like briefly zooming out instead of in and imperfect lighting give a feeling of authenticity that is what makes this site more than just another porn site. The videos are shot POV, which makes sense since the guy holding the camera is the same guy having sex with the girl. There is dialogue between the couple which makes it all seem more real.

The pics are all vidcaps, which are movies taken from the video. These pics aren't bad quality for vidcaps, and they are shown at a fairly good size of 654x480. There are lots of pics in each set and they show the action well.

If this site for real? I don't know. It could be but I suspect Taylor Bow is a well-crafted fantasy site. After all, how many guys - and girls - wouldn't be curious to see a series of home movies of a couple who never expected those movies to be seen when they shot them? And how many guys wouldn't relate to getting even with a girl after a hard breakup by putting videos of the girl online for other guys to see? The truth is this is the sort of thing that most of us can relate to, and the idea of seeing private videos made public is almost sure to make you horny.

I like Taylor Bow - the girl, the content and the concept. Taylor Bow is a unique take on an amateur site. If you like the idea of watching videos shot of a couple having sex with no idea of showing the videos to anyone or if you like the idea of a girlfriend revenge site, this site will definitely interest you. Taylor is a hot and horny girl, the videos are good amateur quality and quick to load, and there are pics from each video. If this sounds good, why not surf on over and see what Taylor Bow has to offer!

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