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Sweet Leah Luv

Reviewed on 07/04/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.6

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $49.95 (recurs at $19.95)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Sweet Leah Luv. This is a single girl hardcore site. Leah Luv is shown in the tour doing solo, lesbian threesomes, and guy-on-girl. The tour here has a few oddities, the first being the diary entries stop at the beginning of 2007, and the second is that the preview trailers aren't movies at all but several images from that episode set to music. The tour also mentions daily updates and live weekly cam chat, so let's see about that.

The members area is well-organized, but has a lot of material on the home page, some of which is dedicated to the site's network. The page is laid out in columns almost like a newspaper. There's a navigation bar at the top of the pages. Advertising is limited to a few banners at the bottom of the home page; there's some ad-type links in the navbar for "toystore" and "friends", but one is "coming soon" and the other is 404 not found.

Leah is slim, blond, cute, short, early 20s, braces... basically, what you see on the tour, that's her. Sometimes it's right into the action, and sometimes Leah talks and interacts with the cameraman. In terms of action, the site has more hardcore than tour suggests, especially the most recent half of the episodes. The earlier episodes she sucks a lot of dick and does a lot of solo, then it progresses to more sex and lesbian action, and later she progresses to multiple girls and a few of her doing multiple guys. The videos run anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes long, most seem to be in the mid-10s and 20s.

There are 42 videos on this site. Although the site used to have regular updates, it stopped updating for a few months and only just started updating again. The most recent update was about 12 days ago, so it's anybody's guess if/when the site will update again.

Videos come in WMV and MPEG formats. The MPEGs are 320x240. The WMVs are available as full movies shown at 320x240 at around 700kbps bitrate. The clips in a few of the latest videos are actually shown bigger than the full vids, at a screen size of 640x480. These have a bitrate of around 1.5 Mbps, and they look good even if you go full screen. There are lower WMVs offered, same size but about half the bitrate. And the videos play smoothly.

Video quality is decent with good clarity and lighting. These can go to 200% size and still look alright, a little chewed up of course but still alright. Sound is generally decent as well; you may have to turn up a little for some of the talking but the action comes through fine.

There are 38 photo sets here as well. Galleries have anywhere from around 20 to 600 photos, most in the 150 range though. The pictures are around 700x1000 to 1000x1500, and about 100 to 300kb each. Some of the images are better than others, some have a more amateur feel while others are superior, and you can see the difference between the cameras in those. Overall though, clarity and lighting is generally decent.

Other content is Leah's diary which spans the course of 14 months, Nov '05 to Jan '07, each month having 1 to 4 entries. Bonuses include access to 8 other of their network's hardcore sites, some of which have a few more videos of Leah Luv - you can search her by model name, there's 66 listings for her. Then there's access to 3 sites with amateur girl vids, about 500 of those by my count, though there's some sort of error that won't let you click the links from here, so you have to click the links from one of the other sites on the network. Also included is access to a dozen video streams. And finally there's DVD collections under "bonus movie categories", with the full length videos from hundreds of videos in 17 porn series.

Negatives starts with only 1 new update in 3 months, and no new diary entries in 5 months - that's a pretty big deal. Then there's the "my webcam" page which doesn't have her webcam on it, and the site linked to there doesn't have Leah Luv on it either, so no webcam at all. I also ran into a few links that were 404, including a few movie files.

Sweet Leah Luv isn't a bad site, so it's a shame that it's been abandoned. The members area is usable. Leah is cute and does lots of porn here with a decent amount of video. The videos aren't that big, but they are an acceptable quality-to-size ratio, which makes video ok. There's also a decent photo gallery, and a good number of bonuses. But the site hasn't been updated in months, is missing the webcam mentioned in the tour, and has a few errors here and there. Ultimately, if you like this model, Sweet Leah Luv is a site you will want to check out, but it's not without some noteworthy flaws, so this review is only a moderate recommendation.

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