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Sweet Amy Lee

Reviewed on 05/16/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
I have mixed feelings about solo girl sites. Some I have reviewed are really just that, with every shoot featuring the girl for whom the site is named, and her alone. If you are totally in love with the girl that can be fine, I suppose, but I quickly grow tired of seeing the same girl in various states of undress washing her car, showering, wearing different costumes. This site is not like that. The promotional tour makes it clear that Amy Lee has lots of friends both men and women and we get to see her enjoying her erotic interactions with both. I click on the "Free trailer of me here". It takes a while but finally my media player comes up. I wait a minute or two out of curiosity but the trailer never plays. Further down the promo page are two recent updates. Both feature Amy Lee and another couple. I am invited to "Click here to watch this update". I do. I am taken to the join page. I return to the main tour page. I notice that the updates section has a scroll bar and I can scroll down to see another two updates. On the left of the page is another scrolling section with photos from the various shoots. There is certainly a lot of variety on this site but I am disconcerted by the fact that none of the trailers work. Also when clicked back to the main page I was hit by the same two pop-ups that hit me when I first clicked on Sweet Amy Lee. I wasn't going to mention them because they seemed like minor annoyances at the time. An otherwise beautifully constructed tour has been compromised by theses anomalies.

Amy Lee has a long slim body, perky breasts and a pretty face. The home page is attractively designed and easy to navigate. The image on her latest video shows a summer scene. Hmm. So the latest video is from last summer? I begin to wonder how often she updates. Her latest diary entry is featured on the home page so I click "to see my diary section". O my, her latest diary entry is Oct 11 2005 and it is the paltry 3 lines I saw on the homepage about going to a restaurant for someone's birthday. Amy Lee it seems is not a prolific diarist. There are three entries in September 05, three in January 05 and three in December 05. The impression I have now is that Amy Lee has given up on her site. It does not speak well of a solo girl site when the person it is built around is no longer involved.

She has however left behind a significant body of content for us to look at. The video section contains 10 pages of videos with 5 videos to the page. The videos average around 25 minutes each and are available in hi speed and lo speed alternatives. The hi speed is offered in wmv and mpg formats. The wmv version that I choose streams immediately, unlike the trailer in the tour. The video is broken into 5-minute chunks with no full version available. The videos are good quality, well lit and 320x240 pixels in size. Video captures are available for each of the videos. Amy loves cock. Every video I look at has her finishing the shoot with a mouthful of sperm than she savours and plays with. As she says in her profile, she swallows. She also seems equally enthusiastic about munching on a pussy.

There is a separate link for pictures. There are 10 pages of pictures with 6 picture sets to a page. Most of the shoots are of Amy solo but there is also some g/g and b/g. I was happy to see a threesome shoot of Amy Lee with her namesake, here called Yumi Lee, but known to me and her many fans as Sunny Lee. Sunny Lee and Jasmine, consistent with the Asian theme of the shoot, eat sushi off Amy Lee's tummy. And chopsticks it turns out are terrific for probing the complexities of a pussy. The pictures can be viewed in a slide show that works really well and are also downloadable in a zip file. All the videos are also downloadable.

I really like Sweet Amy Lee. It is disappointing that she seems to no longer be involved in the site; so one wonders about any future updates. However not to fear in addition to the large amount of content she leaves behind you have access to another gazillion sites in the Brain Pass network including the ever so popular Christine Young where I happened upon a video of my personal favorite, Sunny Lee.

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