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Swallow Newbies

Reviewed on 07/19/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Cum shots
Additional: Hi-def

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
What guy doesn't love watching a girl swallow a load of cum? Well, Swallow Newbies is about exactly that - horny chicks who suck and fuck, then get their mouths filled with jizz and drink it down. Are these girls really new to cum drinking? Well, you never know - some of them may never have tried chugging hot semen before, but these girls seem to know their way around a cock. But whether it's their first time or not, these babes definitely get mouthloads. The tour also tells us about the bonuses members can expect - access to 3 more exclusive high def sites plus a slew of bonus sites and feeds.

The Swallow Newbies member home is pretty easy to use. There are navigation links across the top of the page and the latest update is just underneath followed by the favorite episodes and more recent updates. There are currently 9 episodes inside the site, and there are no dates, so there's no way to know if or when the site adds new content. There are a couple things to watch out for on the member home page, too. For one thing, the Live Cams, Specials and Real Meet links found on the top of the page lead to upsells, not to content. Beneath the links is a text link that is an ad, and there's a big ad in the middle of the page and more ads on the lower right.

While there aren't a lot of movies, the site seems to be trying to make up for quantity with quality. All of the videos are offered in several sizes/speeds, but the best is shown at 1280x720 with an 8 Mbps bitrate. If you're not a techy, what that means is that these videos are HUGE and excellent quality. These HD videos are true commercial DVD quality, which means they're sharp and clear at any size and if you watch them on your TV, they'll look great. The issue you might have, however, is that these videos are big in file size - they're over a gig each! But not to worry - there are smaller but still great quality vids for you.

The next video size down is shown at 854x480 with a 3 Mbps bitrate, which is still very good. The other 2 sizes are both also good quality, and definitely not for dialup or ISDN users. For the most part I chose to watch the lowest quality videos - which are still pretty good - because the download speed here isn't all it could be. And that's a shame, because the movies are just so damn high quality. For those who want to watch only part of the video, or are on a slower speed broadband line, the vids are also offered in 3-minute clips. These are shown at 854x480 with a bitrate of over 2 Mbps, so they look good. Watching one of the clips for a video may also help members to decide whether they want to download the full scene.

Each episode of Swallow Newbies also comes with 2 sets of pics - a set of vidcaps and a set of digital stills. The digital stills are good quality and really show off the girls and the action. They're also big, with a screen size of 1280x853. The pics sets can be downloaded in zip files. And if you want a preview of the action for each video, be sure and check out the vidcaps.

Each video here features an eager chick who fucks and sucks like a pro, then takes a guy's load and drinks every drop. She may catch it in her mouth and play with it first, but the age old question "Spits or swallows" doesn't apply here - all these babes swallow. While the action here isn't groundbreaking, the shoots are well-lit and the girls seem to be willing and eager.

Since Swallow Newbies is a smaller site, it's good to know that they offer access to 3 more exclusive high-def sites - Deep Throat Newbies, Handjob Newbie and DP Newbies. There's also a collection of over 50 third-party bonus sites and feeds in all sorts of porn niches including drunken college girls, anal sex, hairy pussies and lesbians.

Swallow Newbies offers some of the highest quality videos around, but there just aren't enough of them. While there's plenty of action in each episode, the pics are good and some of the girls are hotties, a site with 9 episodes needs updates, and there's no way to tell if this site is adding new content. I also found download speeds to be on the slow side, which is an issue when you're talking about downloading videos that are sometimes over a gig. On the other hand, there's a good amount of bonus content including 3 more small high def sites. The bottom line - if you don't mind the issues or the price, and want to download 9 extremely high quality videos of chicks fucking, sucking and drinking cum, Swallow Newbies is worth checking out.

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