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Swallow Me POV

Reviewed on 03/20/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The site under the microscope today is Swallow Me POV. This is a cum-swallowing hardcore site shot in point-of-view format. This allows you to see yourself as the guy in the action, or at least just not have to look at some dude's face & ass when he's performing his sex act - that's a plus in my book.

The members area starts at the network's main page. It's a dense page with a lot of links to other areas and content and whatnot, with your site is right in the middle but it is a little easy to miss at first. Our site's members area is fairly simple to navigate; there's a navbar under the header and at the bottom of each page with the "videos" link which takes you to all the episodes. Ads are found in the "store" and "links" sections, the former speaks for itself and the latter's ads are fairly direct about being so. At the top of each page you'll notice a flash-based navbar, that's for the network rather than for just this site.

The models range from not that great up to moderately attractive, many in that porn-girl manner. They're all white, blonde or brunette, ranging in the average body types, all late 20s to mid 30s. The setting is POV hardcore action - not just oral - ending in the gal swallowing a load of cum. Most of the episodes are set in the standard porn house, with a few are out in the backyard. The last 5 episodes aren't actually POV, but they are cum-eating in theme. The POV videos have edits and zooming and some shots are more over-the-shoulder than POV, all of which seems a little out of contrast with the POV concept to me but no big deal.

The site has 32 self-hosted video episodes. There are no update dates listed, and while the network has an updates section, it appears the last time this particular site was updated was about 6 months ago. The videos run about 20 to 30 minutes each.

Videos come in WMV and MPEG formats across several sizes. The high-speed WMVs are an adequate 480x320 size and run a 732 kbps bitrate. The high MPEGs are 321x240. The low-speed WMVs are 240x180 at either 114 kbps or 50 kbps depending on which version you select; the low MPEGs are 219x160. Some also have a "full scene" WMV that's DVD quality, 720x480 and 2 Mbps bitrate. The videos play smoothly except for the lowest-speed WMVs which are a tad choppy, I found a few medium ones that were choppy but it wasn't the norm for the size.

The movies are well-lit although outdoor shots aren't quite as easy to control. Clarity is mostly good but the focus is a little close for some odd shots. Camera movement is often tilted which annoyed me. With POV, why would there be close-ups? Nevertheless, there are a few zoom-in close-ups. Sound on these is very quiet, and I had to crank my speakers up high and even then some just weren't entirely audible.

Each episode has a picture gallery so there are 32 galleries. The number of pictures per gallery ranges from 50 to 200, all the thumbs are on 1 page, nothing like 200 thumbs on 1 page. Each thumb opens into a new window, and each gallery offers a zip file to download all the thumbs at once - some unzipping programs can't handle them though. The pictures are just vidcaps though, no separately-shot stills, they're 720x480 and around 45 kb each. The image quality isn't particularly great, and some did not de-interlace correctly so those are liney.

The bonus content includes access to the other 41 sites that are part of this network, 5 of which are also cum sites, and the network is indexed by niche and searchable by actor. The extras page on the network also includes access to another 50 off-network sites.

Negatives start with a total lack of update dates or updates at all - they haven't updated in quite a while in fact. That might be ok if there were more videos, but this site also has a limited supply of episodes, and the last 5 don't even fit totally into the niche. And the picture galleries are a wasted effort being just low-quality vidcaps, which kinda sucks. The video server is spotty, sometimes it'd get slow and even stop altogether, very annoying. Finally, the videos are pretty damn quiet.

In the end, this site does deliver mostly on what it claims, however mildly. There are some attractive girls here and it is POV hardcore (for the most part). The videos are offered in a few decent sizes and some lesser ones for the dial-up guys, but the server isn't always dependable. There is a good number of bonus sites to offer as well. But this site doesn't update and doesn't have all that many episodes so I'm not sure this site works for me. If I were to recommend Swallow Me POV, it'd be only mildly at best and for no more than a single month.

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