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Supreme Hardcore

Reviewed on 07/25/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Sex

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Supreme Hardcore. This is a general hardcore site... I was going to say "this is a general porn site" but that's a bit too generic, eh? The tour makes a huge deal out of their quality being "supreme" and "incredible", "DVD quality", "highest quality online", and "super high resolution videos" - these are some of the boldest claims I've seen for a porn site. What made me laugh though was the huge "SD" in the middle, they claim it's for "supreme definition" but SD usually stands for "standard definition" - what most non-HD users have used for the past 50 years. Besides that, the site promises daily updates, exclusive content, 2,110 downloadable DVDs, and 120 bonus sites.

The members home page is busy with lots of links, but almost no pictures, leaving it cold and generic. The only pictures on the page are a few thumbs in the far left and right sides leading to episodes. Navigation bars are at the top, left, and bottom. It's a little unclear, but the main content is only found under "featured series", not "videos" or "pictures". The site is driven by Ajax, so pages take an extra beat to load but have extra display options; this also makes your browser's back button take you a whole section back instead of just 1 page. The only ads are links in the left and bottom navbars for dating and sex toys.

These are porn scenes with the same music and action that comes with it. So the models here are porn actresses - specifically the ones on the tour - some are attractive, some are sleazy, some are blonde... and there's lots of breast implants. The action is pretty standard for porn scenes, hardcore, anal, some threesomes. Videos run anywhere from about 8 to 27 minutes, most in the 22 minute area.

The main series here has 49 episodes with video. The updates to this series stopped coming about 2 months ago. There is other content accessible from here which does update daily; I'll cover that in the bonuses section.

Videos come in Bill Gates' mouth... I mean, in Microsoft WMV format. The largest version is the downloadable "high" version at 480x360 and 1024kbps bitrate - hey, what do you know, it IS standard-def! The largest streaming version is 360x240 at 512kbps (also confusingly named "high"). However, some of the videos are letterboxed, so their black bars are included in those sizes - for example, a letterboxed vid's actual image is 480x284. The streaming versions are offered both in clips and the full version. Video playback is smooth.

The video quality is good with color and lighting, but soft in clarity. The biggest version can go to full screen without looking too much worse, it gets softer of course... hmm, "it gets softer" is probably not the phrase one wants to read about porn. Anyway, the detail is good in these, but nothing stunningly "supreme". Audio is clear but pretty quiet; you'll want to turn up your computer volume for these.

Each episode in the main series has a photo gallery, so that's 49 photo sets. The sets have around 250 to 400 photos each; photos are about 533x800 and 70k a piece - don't let that file size fool you though, these aren't low-quality photos, they're just smoother images than most. The pictures look very nice, they're shot looking near-pro to pro quality, and they usually cover a little more than just the action in the videos. Detail is very good, but there's a slight softness to these, it seems like they were shot significantly bigger and shrunken down without resharpening them.

Bonus content starts with access to the rest of the network's content via the "updates", "videos", and "pictures" pages - there's over 10,000 videos and 5,000 photo sets across a range of categories, and these update daily. They're also listed by model in the model index. Many of the videos come from porn DVDs, which are listed by scene, this is where they get the 2,110 "downloadable DVDs" claim, though that's a bit misleading since these are WMV scenes at lower resolution, not actual DVD files you can burn to disk and play on a home DVD player, but you can watch and save entire DVDs' content from here. Then there's access to 102 bonus sites, also across a range of niches, most of these are hardcore as well.

Negatives starts with the tour making crazy wild claims of quality that this site just doesn't deliver, the site's main hook is "supreme DVD quality" and it's utterly false - using giant pictures on the tour that are about twice as big as the videos and even bigger than the still photos in here. Next, while the network content continues to update, the main series stopped updating months ago. And the server sometimes will stall out for no reason; with these ajax-based pages it's hard to know what's going on when that happens.

With Supreme Hardcore, the question is: does one give points for mere competency when claims are vastly higher? The site is a bunch of hardcore porn scenes, the videos look good but not great and are average in size, the photos look very good but are a bit on the small side, and there's a ton of bonus content. The site is a little annoying to use and sometimes will stall out, and the main content stopped updating. Ultimately, the tour is incredibly misleading, so if you were going to join based on what it claims, I would recommend against that, but if you can ignore the unbelievably overreaching claims, Supreme Hardcore might be worth checking out.

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