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Reviewed on 2006-11-30 by Basschick




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First Impression:
Sugar Mamas says it is a BBW reality site and at the top of the page are the words "BIG, BEAUTIFUL AND VERY HORNY". There are a couple episode previews on the first page, both showing women who are not all that beautiful and text that seems to indicate that whoever wrote it is not a fan of larger women. Still, the women themselves are curvy and full figured with an average amateur look that you might like, so it's worth taking a look. The tour makes some promises. Beside exclusive content, we are told to expect "near DVD picture quality", a super fast server, and on the join page it promises access to 95 sites.

The member area of Sugar Mamas is pretty basic - navigation links at the top of the page, update and episodes on the left, links to bonus sites on the right. There are no banners or other ads, and the navigation links do not include links to DVD stores or anything outside of the site. There are currently 14 episodes listed on the main member page, each with a preview thumb and a description but no dates anywhere to show if the site updates or not.

Most of the chicks you'll find in Sugar Mamas are more on the chubby side rather than being actual BBWs. Not only that, the biggest of the women are not made up attractively or dressed attractively, which is the problem in most BBW sites. I see a lot of hot and sexy BBWs on TV or when I go to clubs but for some reason, most porn sites don't try and make the most of their bigger models. The text also seems to indicate that BBWs are lonely and desperate for attention and sex, and we are not surprised in the videos when the women have to either force their employees to fuck them or else convince some guy by offering him drinks or help of some kind. In the videos, sometimes one of the two guys feels that the girl they pick up is just too big for him, reminding us that not everyone is into the BBW fantasy. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that neither the designers nor the site owners are turned on by plus sized women but it seems like they are constantly trying to crush the fantasies of anyone into big, sexy women.

Let's talk about what to expect from the videos. The movies come in 2 formats - WMV and QuickTime - and are offered in your choice of clips or a full movie. The clips are only available as streaming vids but the full versions can be streamed or downloaded as you choose. I did enjoy watching the movies but as far as being near DVD quality, forget about it! The Sugar Mamas videos are shown at 320x240 and stream at a whopping 291 kbps. While the videos look okay at that 320x240, which is on the small side, if you attempt to enlarge the videos, expect a very noticeable loss of quality.

I'm going to digress for a moment now. DVDs are generally the equivalent of around 3000 - 8000 kbps, and the movies are shown at either 640x480 or 720x480. Obviously 291 kbps isn't going to deliver anywhere near the quality of 3000 kbps or better, which can be enjoyed on a monitor set to 1024x768 at full screen. So that claim about near DVD quality is just wishful thinking at best.

Each video comes with a set of digital stills that are shown in galleries. These pics are good amateur quality and shown at a medium size. When you click to see a gallery, it's opened in a new window, and when you click a thumb on that gallery, the pic opens in a popup. I had no problem seeing the pics or galleries even with my popup blocker on, but if you have a problem, you might try temporarily turning off your popup blocker.

I had one problem with the site, but it was pretty annoying. The site sometimes seemed to have some problems loading the pages, graphics and thumbs. Sometimes it took so long that you have time to check and answer your email waiting. On the other hand, the videos loaded very quickly and played smoothly, so they must be on their own server.

Although their claim that members get access to 95 bonus sites is exaggerated, there are 59 bonus sites, which isn't bad. One is a BBW site called She's Huge that has a nice collection of non exclusive big women galleries and a couple BBS video feeds, as well.

So there you have it. Sugar Mamas is a BBW reality site with 14 episodes. The videos are quick to load, last a good long time, and pretty well done although the quality isn't all it could be. Each video comes with a set of pics that are good amateur quality. The chicks are on the plus size side, but some are chubs rather than BBWs and overall the models are amateur in appearance. There are some women here who really know how to suck a cock before it is thrust between her big round thighs and into her fat pussy. The downsides of this site are the low number of videos, the iffy vid quality and the sometimes extremely slow loading pages but on the upside members do get access to 59 bonus sites. If you don't mind the smallness of the site and bigger women turn you on, the exclusive BBW content at Sugar Mamas is worth a visit.

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