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Suck Me Bitch

Reviewed on 06/17/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Oral sex
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review focuses in on Suck Me Bitch. This is a "reality" blowjob site, girls convinced to suck some cock and take a load in the face. With a site name like that, you really don't need any more of a description, right?

The members area is compact and direct, with navigation links at the top of every page, and the bonus sites links on the right side - more on the bonuses later though. Another cool thing is that there's no ads or misleading links anywhere, a refreshing departure from many of the sites I've seen lately, let me tell you.

The site's premise is that they find girls on the street and convince them to... well, I think the site title speaks for itself. This is presented as a "reality" site, but the acting betrays the actresses' porn roots - it does bug me a little that all these sites pretend to be amateur when they're not, but honestly, that's only because I see so fucking many of them, the site does live up to the blowjob part. From what I saw, we're talking 20 minutes or more of cocksucking per video, that's staying on theme!

The site sports 23 self-hosted videos, ranging from about 30 to 45 minutes each. There's no listed dates for updating though, so I have no idea when (or even if) new episodes are added.

Videos are offered in Windows' WMV and Apple's QuickTime MOV formats. Both videos are physically 320x240, and the WMV's bitrate is 291kbps. The videos stream and play smoothly.

The video image looks alright, a little soft perhaps and obviously not too big, but generally smooth and fairly clear for the bitrate. Some of the videos suffer weak lighting and a camcorder that can't do much about that. The sound on most of the videos is surprisingly decent, some loud enough to the point where I even had to turn down the volume a little - trust me, that's a rarity.

There are 20 photo galleries here, each with around 100 to 500 pictures. The pics are merely video captures though, no separately-shot stills. The photos are about 640x480 and run around 70kb each. Mostly they look fairly decent for vidcaps, some though are de-interlaced funky so there's horizontal lines. Since they're vidcaps, it's basically a flip-book of photos, and the number of photos in the gallery seems to have no bearing on how long the videos run.

There are 42 other bonus sites from this site's network, 7 solo girl sites and the rest are various hardcore niches. The sites all have a similar feel as this one, and are around the same quality.

The first negative that comes to mind is a lack of update dates. That never fails to piss me off. Then there's the claim in the tour that these are near-DVD-quality videos - granted, they admit in that same sentence that they're 320x240, but the quality aspect is still laughable, WMVs at 291kbps bitrate are never DVD-quality. The tour makes more claims the site can't back up like bloopers and outtakes and bonus scenes and access to 23 more bonus sites than actually available. It also seems pretty lame that there are no clips for a 40-minute video, you have to buffer or download the whole thing just to fast forward! Finally, the photo galleries are way too bare-bones, no descriptions or links to the corresponding episode, just a thumbnail link that opens a new page into the gallery.

Bottom line, this site does deliver on the main promise of blowjobs, blowjobs, and more blowjobs, but the videos aren't very big. The videos look alright for their size and are offered in 2 popular formats. The images are nothing to write home about, just vidcaps, but there is a good number of bonus sites. If you're looking for authentic amateur, this site ain't it, but if you want to see blowjobs that generally last 20 minutes or more, Suck Me Bitch might be worth checking out for a quick look - just don't stick around past a month if they won't update for you.

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