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Stuffed Petite

Reviewed on 06/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Petite

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $49.95
1 Year: $99.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Up next on the review parade is Stuffed Petite. This is a hardcore site with small girls, 100 pounds or less and around only 5 feet tall - some even less - what some refer to as "spinners". When I first saw that site name, I thought "all the good names taken?" and then I thought of olives stuffed with pimentos. Luckily the tour itself makes it quite clear that smut is transpiring here. The tour mentions daily updates and tons of bonuses, so let's see how that stacks up.

The main members page is well organized into its various sections, everything does a good job of keeping separated from the rest. Navigation is accomplished via a link bar at the top of every page. I did find it a tiny bit confusing getting to the actual content as there's a lot of links taking you to bonus content. The actual content pages are linked a little funny as they're at the "home" link - there's a few other links around that will get you there but I confess that I found myself a little perplexed for a second. There are a few ads here and there, but not in a pushy way - there's a store and video on demand link in the navbar, and a few regular ads deep down at the bottom of the main page.

The models here are generally slim and short - on the newest model's episode, they actually have a tape measure and she's looking UP at 4' 10". The girls here are mostly porn actresses, and unlike some other sites that try to pretend all their models are amateurs, this site doesn't try to hide it. The videos run are fairly long, and run about 20 to 40 minutes each.

There are currently 21 episodes on the site, each with a video. The site updates about once every two weeks, though it's not an exact schedule - however they do have a calendar with listings of their next updates for a 3 week period.

Videos come in WMV and MPEG formats. There's only one size of MPEG, and it's the smaller sized offered here, 320x240. The largest WMV file called "DVD Quality" and is 640x480 with about 1400kbps bitrate. The next size down for WMV, "high", is 320x240 at roughly 800kbps. The smallest WMV is 320x240 at 400kbps. Playback is generally smooth with the exception of the Low WMVs which will sometimes be choppy when streaming and even downloaded. I also found stuttering and errors in a few of the clip versions.

Video quality is very decent - there's no question that these videos look good. The room light is a little on the dim side though. There are moments where the image gets a little interlaced, but it's minor and acceptable. Sound is pretty good as well, and it's set to an adequate level.

Every episode on the site has a photo gallery as well except for 2, so that's currently 19 photo sets. Each gallery has around 75 to 300 photos, though the most recent one right now has just over 500. The photos are separately-shot stills and look very good, not professional quality but definitely decent. The image sizes aren't totally consistent, but they're all around 1000x1500 or so, and weigh in at about 200 to 400kb each.

Bonus content starts with access to 8 other sites on their network of this caliber. There's also access to 3 other video sites that update regularly, between them there's currently 507 vids that I could count. Then we have access to 12 movie stream sites of various niches. And there's access to 17 DVD video collections, each with a dozen or so full-length titles so that's probably 200 more vids. Oh, there's also a page with webcams and live chat, though I'm not sure everybody considers these really a "bonus".

Negatives? Let's start with bi-weekly updates for this specific site - the tour claims they update every day, but what they mean by that is they update their network every day. Also, video clips are only available in the largest size, "DVD Quality WMV". If you want to use anything smaller you have to view the entire movie. I'd probably have to single out the videos being a little poorly lit as a negative, though I don't consider it a major problem with these it's still worth a mention. And finally, it's strange to see a site with higher quality videos and a speedy server occasionally have some of the smaller versions of the videos suffer choppy playback.

Stuffed Petite is a pretty good site all around, if a tad on the small side with 21 episodes. The videos are a very nice size, the best size streams and plays well, and the vids look good if perhaps a little dim. There's also photo sets for nearly every episode, and these are huge, clear photos. Members get access to a lot of bonuses, and there not many drawbacks except that the site updates every other week rather than every week. All in all, Stuffed Petites is an easy site to recommend thanks to good quality and lots of bonuses.

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