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Stracy Stone

Reviewed on 01/05/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.0

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $9.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $19.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I actually had to check my files to see if I had already reviewed this site. The solo girls’ sites from this supplier all look the same. As it turns out I have not, of course, which is why you are reading this. Stracy Stone is a bonus site for two other solo girl sites I have reviewed, one, Kelsey XXX, worst than the other, McKenzie Miles. And while Kelsey XXX is one of the bonus sites you get for joining Stracy Stone, for some reason you don’t get McKenzie Miles.

Stracy is a very pretty busty brunette with beautiful dark brown, almost black eyes. She is certainly the prettiest of the three girls. She tells us she "has put in tons of effort to fill [her site] full of sexy pictures and movies of yours truly". If so, that will be a nice change from the other two sites. Kelsey had a total of 20 minutes of video. She also has "thousands of photos" with "updates every week". That will be a nice change as well but I am skeptical. Kelsey and McKenzie also claimed to update weekly but there have been no updates on Kelsey’s site in four months and no updates on McKenzie’s site for 8 months. By the way what kind of name is Stracy? Is it a typo that stuck? My spell checker keeps wanting to fix it.

Stracy is smarter than Kelsey and McKenzie. None of the content is dated or identified as an update. So who knows how often the site is updated or when it will be updated again. There are 13 pages of pictures with a total of 50 sets. Each set contain an average of 150 pictures. Since her claim of 1000’s of picture is true maybe she does update every week. Although sites that update regularly like to announce those updates and make them obvious to their members.

Stracy is an excellent model, obviously experienced and comfortable in front of the camera. The photos are very good quality with interesting poses and lucky for me and my panty fetish, some include poses in really sexy see-through panties, my favorite. From the backgrounds in the photos, I conclude Stracy is European, probably Eastern European. So I am really curious to see if she speaks to us in her videos. The images are 683x1024 pixels and are easy to navigate but there is no slide show option. Stracy is capable of a wide range of expression so her photo sessions are interesting and not just the same look over and over again. As much as I like her photographs I am a video guy. I want to see her move and talk.

There are 22 videos. Most are in the 12-14 minute range. She does not speak in any of videos, confirming her European origins. She is solo in every video, creating a certain sameness, and as much as I love her look and wonderful face and body, 22 non-speaking videos of her disrobing and teasing us as she caresses her breasts and pussy, occasionally using a dildo, are probably enough. Frankly I prefer her non-speaking to the banalities uttered by Kelsey, an obvious American. The short videos are divided into seven even shorter segments. You can also watch the full movie. There are three quality options, low, medium and high. I find very little difference in the quality between the medium (340 kbps) and high (528 kbps). There is no download option so the files cannot be saved to your hard drive, which is disappointing because Stracy Stone is a keeper, although I must say I find her orgasms fake but she does sound nice faking them.

There is no diary and no way to interact with Stracy and as a result we get to know nothing about her as a person; which is a great failing in a solo girl site. Nevertheless she is a remarkable beauty blessed with an incredible body and a delightful smile.

Stracy Stone is a pleasant surprise after the disappointments of her sister sites. She is a very pretty young woman who is comfortable in front of the camera and the camera loves her. There is a reasonable amount of content here and the site may even be update regularly as it claims but there is no way of knowing unless you are actually a member. There is no diary and no way of contacting her and she speaks no English and in fact doesn’t speak at all. I often thing that sites based on beautiful non-English speaking girls should encourage them to speak in their native language with English subtitles. It would add another dimension to their being. The photos are a good size but the videos are small with the highest quality only 528 kbps.

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