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Reviewed on 2006-12-05 by Frank




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I think I would have chosen different colors for the Squirt Hunter promotional tour. The brilliant yellow frame that surrounds the two headline girls gushing geysers of fluid is too suggestive of urine. I have it on reliable authority that that the stream of liquid shooting from these girls is not urine. My favorite adult star Sunny Lee told me that it is like vaginal fluid only not a creamy. She was featured in another squirt site I reviewed for BitchMag called Real Squirt. Sunny told me that while the pleasure is intense it is almost too intense to the point of being painful. And apparently not all women can squirt. If you are going to be modeling for a squirt site and you have never done it before; whoever is doing the shoot will want to test you to make sure you can. Most women can. But the phenomenon is disputed. It should be noted that the porn industry is notorious for faking things. Female ejaculate comes from the urethra so it can be faked easily. In Britain, for example, they do not accept in the concept of squirting. The government views it as urination and it is banned under their obscenity laws regarding the publication and distribution of such depictions. So you lovers of urolagnia and you urophagists out there might well find this and other squirt sites of interest. Consider them fake pee sites. And how I wonder does the British Government keep its citizenry from visiting sites such as this?

The tour says, Real Pussy Squirting Episodes Added Every Week!! In fact when you click on the page to view all the squirting models, you find the site is actually updated twice a month. I hate it when sites lie. And it seems to me lying on a site that has content known by reputation to be often faked, is particularly stupid. Yet I keep seeing sites that constantly exaggerate what you will find inside. My experience has pretty consistently been that when you encounter lies in the tour, the site itself is often mediocre or worse. I click on Peyton, the most recent update. Let’s check out her pictures first. I am guessing they will be video captures and that is what they turn out to be. The video is offered in two sizes of windows media, 320x240 pixels or 640x480 pixels, and three speeds, 56k, DLS and Broadband. I don’t know why anyone would want to watch low quality 56k video on a large 640x480 pixel screen. There is also a QuickTime option offering available in three speeds and a 320x240 pixel screen. I choose the broadband version of QuickTime. Peyton is a pretty 21 year old with a muscular stomach and is, in my opinion, a genuine squirter. She is multi-orgasmic and covers herself in her cum because she is being fucked with her ass above her shoulders. She also is not afraid to take a big load of sperm in her mouth.

From the newest update I head to the oldest update, the first video in the series. It is Asian porn star Annie Cruz. The video commences with an interview in which she talks about her renown as a girl who squirts. When asked where she squirts, she says wherever, on guys, in her own mouth. This is what the guy shooting her wants to see. At this point she introduces me to a new concept, "the double pop" this is when she squirts her cum into her mouth at the same time that the guy squirts his cum. You will have to see the video for yourself to see if she fulfils this promise but I note with pleasure that it is not often that I run across something new on the adult net and Annie Cruz and double pop are new for me. Good going!

There are only 24 videos on the site. Initially all the women I watch are young and attractive with naturally beautiful bodies and engaging happy personalities. Then I hit several in a row with the unnatural enhanced look. And then I fall on Karina. Every video I look at, until Karina, commences with an interview discussing the girl’s squirting experiences. Karina who has the best body on the site begins her video in a van. She is persuaded like in any van bang video to take her clothes off and fuck. She does manage a small squirt but I really can’t figure out how this video fits in with the rest of the site. I leave the site a bit confused.

Squirt Hunter features girls who really do squirt when they cum. Some of the videos are really hot and some of the girls are very attractive. The problem is with a total of 24 videos there is just not enough of this content to make it the first choice of surfers looking for a squirting site. I suggest you check out Real Squirt. But if money is no object and you are prepared to pay the price of entry for 24 videos you will find the real thing here.

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