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Spring Break Skin

Reviewed on 12/21/2006 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.7

Main: College

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The site being reviewed here is Spring Break Skin. It features videos of girls doing things during spring break-style settings they'll probably regret later - flashing their tits, dancing around, making out with their friends, taking them back to their hotel rooms - much of it while being drunk and probably all of it while being stupid. But hey, there's tons of drunken horny guys crowded around who could be watching you girls, gotta put on a show, right? And we, the porn surfers, end up with sites and videos of these spring break girls in action.

Navigating this site is so easy that, at first, I really thought I was doing something wrong. Why? Because everything's right there on the main page, 1 single column, just keep scrolling to see the next entry, and the next. Finally, at the bottom of the column is the bonus links. Even for a straightforward member's area, this is as direct as I've ever seen. The only other things on the page are 2 sponsor ads just inside the bonus area which technically makes them deceptive, I think they stand out well enough as ads - especially compared to the real bonus links below them - but they are between the bonus sites blurb and the actual bonus sites.

The girls vary greatly, mostly sporty builds on 20-something girls, a few tramp-stamp tattoos and piercings, some natural tits and some boob jobs, nearly all seem either drunk and/or foolish - pretty much what you'd expect from the spring break theme. "I'm drunk and craving attention, my tongue is pierced so you know I'm wild, here are my tits, I'll make out with other girls, check out my clit ring, woooo!!!" - I swear, I feel older just watching the people in this stuff, but it certainly does appear to be true to the theme. Some of the action is just girls flashing, some is drunken dancing, some of it is bikini or stripping contests, some is straight girls kissing each other in public while some is way more lezbo than that.

There are 20 different videos by party location, cut up into multiple clips. There are no update dates listed anywhere, the last video says it's adding more clips daily but no dates to prove it, so no idea when - or even if - they add new content. Trial membership only gets you access to part of 1 movie, so skip that and just go for the full month access.

Videos are offered in 2 formats, WMV and MPEG, but MPEG users are hosed because the larger MPEG clips are only 15 seconds long while the smaller MPEGs are just 7 seconds. WMVs are where it's at on this site, offered in 3 qualities. The WMV Super-High clips are a 640x480 and have a 1260 kbps bitrate, that's pretty damn good for internet video. The WMV High clips are 320x240 at 928 kbps bitrate, Small is the same physical size but at 496 kbps bitrate - both are fairly respectable, and all the WMV sizes stream in and play smoothly. The videos run anywhere from 6 to 45 minutes in 2 to 3 minute clips, that can be a lot of clips. The vids open in media player which required I enter my username/password, as long as I left it open it remembered me from clip to clip.

The video quality at 640x480 is pretty good, but does show some artifacting and graininess - I believe what's going on there is that the top quality WMVs are showing off the camera's limitations where most internet porn videos aren't good enough to actually show that sort of thing off; the other possibility is a lesser-quality digital transfer. Still, at the top size, the image and motion is very good, and the medium size looks even cleaner because they're physically smaller. In daytime outdoor and lit-interior shots the video looks good, while in nighttime and unlit-interior shots it varies from alright to very dark depending on the distance from the camera's small light. The spur-of-the-moment nature of most of the vids is right within the feel of the theme, that means it moves around and over-lights and has to refocus occasionally which is pretty much what you'd expect really (and sorta adds to "drunk girls" thing). The videos are often edited with a lot of clips rather than lingering, that's partly dictated by the willingness of the girls and the action I suppose. As for audio, it's pretty good but varies depending on setting, I had to turn it up a little but not cranked.

There are no photo galleries whatsoever on this site, not even vidcaps, it's all just videos.

The bonus content here is access to 31 other sites in their network, a few of which are in the same niche as Spring Break Skin, but there's currently a hitch - the links to the sites that start "" don't work, they take you to a generic page that's probably their standard 404 Error page. The first 11 links do indeed work exactly as expected, and I was able to track down one of the other 20 sites listed and my password worked there as well, but I had to figure out the URL by myself. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because members really do get access to 31 sites, they just can't click to get to 2/3rds of the sites.

Negatives of this site include a lack of photo galleries. Also, a bunch of shorter video clips without also offering 1 full-length video is not great, having to click a new link every 3 minutes and then wait for it to buffer a few seconds can be a little annoying. I didn't see any actual guy-on-girl action as the tour claimed. And I hate when media player asks me for my username/password to see a clip when I just gave the site my info to get in. What's the point of even including MPEGs if they're only 15 seconds a piece? Finally, the non-working links in the bonus area need to be fixed, that's just no good.

Spring Break Skin is a very direct site, there's no distractions inside, just a bunch of videos at a decent size and good quality. When they update is unclear, but there are lots of different girls are doing the kind of debauchery you'd expect from spring break-bound bimbos, from quick flashing to lesbian sex. There are a decent number of bonus sites that are accessible, plus 20 more that hopefully will get correctly-linked soon. If the theme seems like something you want to see, then I definitely recommend Spring Break Skin.

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