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Sperm Suckers

Reviewed on 11/10/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.5

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $69.00

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First Impression:
Build a better blowjob site and the world will beat a path to your door. Opinions will vary wildly on what makes a better blowjob but we will all agree that the money shot makes or breaks the deal. With a domain name like sperm sucker this site would seem to be focussed on the money end of the business. "Play with it, gargle it, suck it through a straw", they announce in the tour. All good but we have seen that oh so often already. Girls drinking cum out of shot glasses, off plates, boring, seen all that but girls drinking cum dripping from a toilet bowl plunger, now that is different. The tour is huge with big pictures of the girls you will find inside. Many of the women here are not particularly attractive. Some look like the real girl next door to where you lived, the one you didn't date. But maybe you would have if you knew she swallowed. I am not wild about the aesthetics of the site but clearly they get the job done.

There are 52 videos here with an average duration of about 12 minutes. There are another 85 bonus blowjob videos. That's a lot of cum. Along side each thumbnail are links to Pics and Movies that we are asked to left click. The number of pictures varies from 100 to 200 and these are real pictures, 1024x683 pixels, and not video grabs. The photos are presented 30 to a page and unfortunately there is no slideshow function. The images open surprisingly slowly given how fast the videos download. When we click the movie link we are lead to a page providing a short narrative of what we are about to see. From the tone of the narrative this is a site that prefers to label its women whores and sluts and to degrade them for the fun of it. It is a known fact that a lot of women in porn have self-esteem issues. They are perfect dupes for this kind of misogynist porn. And many of the women on this site look marginal and in need of the "chump change" as the site calls it, they get from swallowing the cum of two or three guys while being verbally abused.

My first movie is Mya. It is good quality and plays on a 496x368 pixel screen. It starts with her naked, kneeling, sucking two cocks and being prodded by an off camera voice asking her inane questions about how much cum she has swallowed in one day and whether she likes cum. Mya is a kind of plain but not unattractive girl, obviously uncomfortable with what she is doing. The jerk behind the camera keeps harassing her with the fact her father found out she was doing porn. She obviously doesn't want to talk about it, but he won't leave it alone. She takes three loads of cum. He makes her say, "I love you daddy." My next movie is Arlene. She is less attractive than Mya. An obvious mother even bully mouth wonders what she is doing here. Randi is a cute young brown woman who I guess they don't bother insulting too much because she doesn't understand English. Gabriel is a pimply face Latin girl they make lick the last drops of cum out of a shot class by swirling her tongue around the insides of the shot glass. Molly, a meaty blonde is made to lick cum of plastic pie plate. I never do watch the girl dripping cum into her mouth from the toilet bowl plunger. There are just some things I do no need to see.

The movies can be streamed or downloaded in dial up or broadband mode. The files are large, 150 MB for a 15 minute video. Thankfully the downloads are extremely rapid, in access of 500 kps. The productions are amateurish and repetitive which for me becomes quickly boring. I also am not a guy that likes to see women abused. I know, however, lots of guys out there are looking for exactly that. So if you get off on seeing women degraded this is a site for you. These girls are spit on and made to lick fat hairy asses, while being profaned and required to swallow load after load of cum.

Sperm Sucker describes well this site. The women here suck sperm up through straws, out of shot glasses, toilet plungers, and etc. while be harangued and verbally abused. There is lots video and photo content consistent with the theme and members have access to similar abusive facing fucking cum swallowing sites.

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