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Spanked and Abused

Reviewed on 10/22/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Bdsm

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.86
3 Months: $64.85

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The tour of Spanked and Abused shows some cute girls who have red bottoms. Not only do we see pics on the tour of these honeys getting spanked, they also suck cock and get face fucked - and there is one pic that caught my attention of a girl with a very well-spanked ass with cum spattered all over it. Whoever took these pics knows their stuff when it comes to spankings and what's sexy, and I'm really looking forward to watching some of these videos. Let's head on inside and get a better look at Spanked and Abused.

When you log into Spanked and Abused, you are taken to a network page from which you get access to nine sites. Just click the Spanked and Abused link on the left and you're in but keep that network page in mind. Not only will you find access to 8 more sites and chat, but importantly there are also links to support and billing there.

The member page layout of Spanked and Abused is a lot more basic than the tour, and I don't think anyone will have any problems finding their way around - this site is simple and easy to use. On the left side of the page is the highest rated video, on the right side are thumbs linking to the first 6 movies. Underneath are 2 ads and a form if you want to request a scene. One thing you won't see on the videos is the dates they were added to the site, so I can't tell you when or if the site updates.

Spanked and Abused currently offers 15 videos, each with pics. Some of the girls, like Maya in the current highest rated scene, love getting spanked. You can turn their little bottoms red as your hand keeps falling, slapping against those warm pliant cheeks and they giggle. Others are less enthused and the videos are a little more punishment than pleasure oriented with a little domination involved. While the acting my sometimes be a little less than perfect, it's obvious the spankings are very real.

At the top of each girl's page is a description of the action. Below that are links to the videos, a place where you can vote for each set, rating it a 1 through 10 and then the pics. Each video comes with 4 sample clips which are 1-minute WMVs that give you a preview of what to expect in the video. They are shown at 320x240 and stream at around 512kbps or some are a little better. Below them are links to the full video in MPG, high quality WMV and low quality WMV.

The high quality WMVs are the same size and quality as the clips and are about average porn quality. They're not good enough to go full screen with but at their original size they look good. The medium quality WMVs are also 320x240 but stream at 256kbps and look more amateur quality. These are good for people on low speed broadband. The MPGs are the best quality videos, although they're not quite good enough to go full screen. But they do look a little better than the WMVs. Also if you're on a MAC or have other issues watching WMVs, you can still enjoy the MPGs. All the movies can be downloaded or streamed as you choose and the sound is pretty good.

The pic gallery for each set actually starts on the same page with the video links and then links to more gallery pages. The photos are high rez stills shown at 768x1024, which is nice and large. I'd say their quality is average and considering some of the low quality pics I've seen in other spanking sites, these are definitely worth checking out. Whoever took the pics made sure you can see the hands fall hard on the girls' tender bottoms as well as closeups of the face fucking and the cumshots. All in all, I like the pics and if you're into spanking sex, I think you will, too.

Beside some honest bare-bottom and over-the-knee spanking sessions, you will also find that sometimes a belt or a wooden spoon leaves quite an impression on a naughty girl who won't stop misbehaving. Some of the videos also include other forms of humiliation like having the girl suck on her panties or beg. While these are not videos for hardcore OTK spanking purists, I think most guys - and some girls - will find them pretty hot. The language in them didn't always work for me, but hey - we all have our own quirks.

Beside access to Spanked and Abused's pics and videos, members get access to 8 bonus sites including fetish sites like PVC and Latex and Cummy Pantyhose. There is also a tit fuck site, a shemale site and a forum.

Spanked and Abused is a site for guys who like watching bad girls get spanked and punished, before they suck cock and maybe fucked before they are drenched in cum. The movies are average quality and size, but the action is hot enough to make up for it. There are only 15 videos, although they are fairly long and come with some pretty good pics as well as a collection of 8 original bonus sites. The catch is I don't know if the site updates. I'm going to score this site a just little higher than I would for regular sites of the same size because of the scarcity of good spanking sites. If you like watching girls get spanked till their asses are bright red, why not check out Spanked and Abused and see what you think.

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