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Solo Interviews

Reviewed on 05/31/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Masturbation
Additional: Teen

3 Day Trial: $2.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $24.87
3 Months: $49.87

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today, we're checking out Solo Interviews. This is a solo teen girls site; the models interact only with the camera. The premise is girls talking, stripping, and then masturbating - because everybody knows how much guys love to listen to women talk about themselves, right? Luckily there's the nudity.

The members area is pretty well laid out. There's a clear focus on getting to the content, the latest model is even the subject of the header. The navigation bar is just under the header, plus there's also a navigation pulldown in the upper right, and all of it is easy to use and direct. There are 3 ads near the bottom of every page on the site under the title "amazing offers" and they don't specifically state they're ads, but they aren't hiding it either.

The models on this site are late teens to mid 20s, and most of them are fairly attractive. The theme is the cameraman talking to the girls for a few minutes and then have them strip and touch themselves. For a site with "interviews" in the title, I was actually expecting more interviewing, but there's really not all that much of it in most of the episodes, but that's probably best for a porn site.

The site has 57 videos on it, the videos running from about 8 to 15 minutes a piece. Updates seem to come fairly randomly, a month apart, 2 months apart, a week apart, who knows - you can tell because all the episodes are dated, but this also shows that the last update was over a month ago at the time of this review.

Videos are offered in WMV and MPEG formats. The largest sized WMVs are 640x480, and range from around 700kbps to 2200kbps bitrate. The largest MPEGs are 320x240. The 1-minute-clips area has lower-bitrate broadband videos as well as dial-up sized WMVs that are 320x240 at around 250kbps. The videos all stream in and play smoothly. A note for broadband users, stick with the 3-part or the whole movie WMV files as these have the best size and bitrate.

The camera here is good, even if the camerawork isn't quite as good. The image quality differs depending on the bitrate but is generally clear and adequately lit. The camera is handheld and thus moves around a lot as well as staying in close-up a little too much, which can also occasionally lead to the cameraman missing some of the action. Sound is pretty mixed, some are adequate if you turn up your PC volume while others you can barely hear the girl.

Each episode also has a photo gallery with around 60 to 150 pics per gallery. The photos are separately-taken stills, the shots are clear and a decent size, around 698x1050 or vice-versa, running about 80 to 130kb each. Navigating the galleries is well-done, several pages of thumbnails, each photo page has controls to take you to the next or previous picture, and there's even a pulldown to jump to any photo in the set. Moreover, there's an easy-to-use slideshow system with speed control. Finally, there's also a zip file so you can download all the photos at once.

Membership also includes access to 5 other sites on the network, all of them various hardcore niches. These sites are about the same quality of content, but longer videos and more photos. Occasionally, you'll even come across the same girls from our site, and more often the same furniture - behold the magic of porn!

The chief negative that springs to mind is the lack of a consistent update schedule, you'll never know when or even if they'll update the site again and that's a shame - it's doubly annoying since the join page claims weekly updates, so that's a big deal. Something that bothers me a little about the photo galleries is that the thumbnails are cropped versions, so they're never a full representation of what the picture is - a minor nitpick to be sure, but I figured it bears mention. Similarly, the thumbnails for the three-part clips are from the photo set instead so they don't tell you much (the thumbs on the 1-minute-clips page however are authentic to those vids). Finally, every photo you load has the site's ads load underneath, before the pics load the ads are the first thing you see.

Ultimately, this site has a decent layout, some cute girls, a good number of videos offered in several sizes and clip-lengths, and a very nice photo area; plus access to 5 other sites on their network. The interview portion of the videos isn't as key as the title would suggest, though I question if that's a drawback anyway. There is a notable issue with the lack of updates which is a shame, but there are hours of video to check out. Bottom line: if you're looking for a female masturbation site, Solo Interviews has decent video and photos and is worth checking out for a month, but unless you get updates I wouldn't suggest renewing the subscription.

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