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Solo Girls

Reviewed on 12/21/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 3
Overall: 5.0

Main: Masturbation

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

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First Impression:
Solo Girls is a site that features, wait for it, solo girls. It offers all exclusive female masturbation videos. They say they film their own solo masturbation videos and they must have been doing it for some time because the site claims to have "Hundreds of Awesome Solo Masturbation Videos". There are sixteen one-minute video previews in the tour. They all follow the same format that begins with an interview and the girl telling us a bit about herself and her sexual experiences and preferences. She then disrobes and masturbates. This is a simple and effective format and is potentially more real than what we see on most of the so-called reality sites out there. I say potentially because the masturbation sequences in three of the four trailers I watch seem over acted to me. I am really hoping not to hear any of these girls say "I’m cumming". The girls are all new faces to me. They are cute and young and most seem to have natural bodies. There are many girls who are okay with the idea of doing a solo shoot who would not do a shoot with a partner so we are likely to see girls here we will not see elsewhere. I am hoping there are going to be lots of real orgasms and that the video will concentrate as much on the model’s face as it does her body.

The home page is cleanly set up. At the top of the page are the three newest solo girls, Justice, Katya and Kobe. Below them are the "Previously Released Girls!". As I scroll down the page I count off nine of them. At the bottom of the page I click on the link to "See More Solo Girls". A new page opens up with the same twelve girls but now Justice, Katya and Kobe are part of the list. Where are the hundreds of solo girls? There is a link at the top of the page to "View All Videos". That must be where they are. I click it. WTF! The same page of 12 girls opens up. This is becoming much too common, sites that blatantly lie in the promotional tours. Solo Girls doesn’t even have as many girls on the site as it does in the tour. I guess they must be holding back the other four girls for future updates. At top of the page I click "Upcoming Videos" to verify the validity of my hypothesis. Carmena is coming soon. I check back in the tour. There is no Carmena there. Where are the missing girls from the tour? I am able to quickly determine that Zoey, Silky, Susan, Holly, Tiffany and Hailey who appear in the tour don’t appear on the site. The rest of the girls from the tour are there plus three girls who do not appear in the tour Krissy, Kiani, Sammie.

What is going on? Not only is the site one big lie it is one big disorganized lie. This site is not in need of a review it is in need of a warning. Avoid these lying cheats. But just before leaving I click on one of the twelve girls to check out the hi-resolution video I was promised in the tour. I chose Lala who is both in the tour and actually on the site. Her video is divided eight five-minute clips that can be view as windows media or QuickTime files. I download both to compare them. My hi-resolution videos turn out to be good quality videos that play on a 320x240 pixel screen at 300 kbps. This is the kind of quality you expect of a good plug-in. It is not hi-resolution. It is just another one of there exaggerations. And it is so stupid; the video quality is fine. Why do they oversell it?

Solo Girls is another one of those "pretend paysites". Its promotional tour claims "Hundreds of awesome solo masturbation videos!". There are only twelve videos and six of the girls in the tour are not on the site. Its "hi-resolution" videos play on 320x240 pixels screen at 300 kbps. Quite frankly I do not understand the mentality of webmasters who are so blatantly disingenuous in claims they make for their sites. They are inviting charge backs and they are making surfers distrustful of other legitimate websites that do not lie and distort what they have to offer.

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