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Sock Sorority

Reviewed on 01/10/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.0

Main: Fetish
Additional: Panties

1 Month: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
If you're a guy who loves seeing cute 18 and 19 year old girls wearing socks, you know there's not a lot of sites around that cater to this particular taste. Luckily today we've found Sock Sorority! The tour here is in light colors and shows some very cute girls in lingerie showing off their socked feet. While most of the girls are wearing knee socks, and I don't see any sweat socks or typical cotton bobby socks, it's still nice to see something especially for fans of teen girls wearing socks so let's log in and see more of what Sock Sorority has to offer!

When I logged into the site, I was taken to the Suck My Dick Now Network. Unlike other networks that have you log in through a central page, there was no link to Sock Sorority on the top of the page or anywhere obvious. You must either scroll down the page past lists of sites and content and ads to find the link or you must use the "Exclusive Softcore Sites" dropdown menu at the top of the page.

The member area was quite a letdown. Remember all those bright, perky girls in well-lit pics on the tour and all that enthusiastic text? Well, the only place you'll see them here is on the top of the page. The lastest movie update thumbs are small dark thumbs with a date added and scintillating titles like ss11 and ss7. You can see clearly that some of those latest updates are actually 1 movie cut into 2 parts and offered as 2 updates. The content listings here are small poorly lit thumbs that don't include a title, name of the model or the date they were added to the site. There's no other text on the page, no links to other pages except the navigation to the bonus sites at the top of the page and the VIEW ALL link under the pic and video thumbs.

Sock Sorority offers 20 pic sets - well, sort of. In reality pic sets titled 1400 and 1401 are parts 1 and 2 of the same shoot as are 1404 and 1403 and at least a couple others. Nowhere are the names of the girls offered to fuel our fantasies. The pics are offered at average quality and size - 600x800, which is not small but not really big, either. These pics seem to be pretty much shot with room light, which means that they have a slightly dark and dingy look. Also contributing to their lackluster appearance is the fact that either the camera used to shoot these pics was a $200 point and shoot camera or else these pics lost detail and sharpness during processing.

Something that stood out for me is that the photographer seems much more interested in the girls' faces and the panties covering their pussies than in making sure we get to see their cute feet wearing socks in most of the pics. Only part of the socks make in a lot of the pics and when the girls pull out their tits, we often see no socks at all - nor the bottom half of the models. Apparently this photographer much prefers faces and panties to feet in socks, and tits drive him wild. Socks appear not to be very high on his list of turnons so perhaps he is a strange choice for a photographer for a girls in socks site.

There are either 10 or 7 videos in the video section, depending on how you look at it. Yes, there are actually 10 thumbs leading to vids, but 3 different times the videos listed as separate vids are parts 1 and 2 of the same movie - we're talking same girl, same outfit, same location. The movies run around 3 to 5 minutes each and, like the pic sets, don't always focus on the girls in socks. Movie ss6 starts off featuring the top of the girl, also showing her adjusting her g-string. When we move down, half the time we don't see the socks but we sure see the g-string covering her pussy. Also part of the time the girl is framed so low in the shot that most of what we see is the room above her. This is definitely amateur work but there IS some sock action here, too.

Each video can be streamed or downloaded. If you go for the streaming option, you will be watching the movie on a player embedded on a page. The movies are actually 320x240 but the player stretches them out to make them look bigger. Luckily the videos stream at a bitrate of over 900 kbps, so they're high enough quality to be stretched a little bigger - although keep in mind this is amateur work and looks like amateur work. The camera is shaky and moves too much, the lighting is poor but the girls sometimes get into it for a while and seem to have a good time trying to show off for the camera in their thongs, baby tees and socks.

The movies do download and play smoothly and pretty fast and you can hear the girls giggle and talk to the photographer as they pose. You can also see and hear the flash go off from the camera and it's easy to tell that the videos are basically movies of photo sessions.

As far as sock content, that's all there is, however members also get access to a huge collection of bonus sites and content. There are 7 more softcore site including a butt site - same girls, I believe - plus 6 non-nude single girl sites. Then there are the porn sites members get access to. There are 30 of them in all sorts of niches plus a collection of third party bonus sites and 735 scenes to be found in the DVD Archive. While members may not get much content when it comes to socks and lingerie, they do get access to a massive collection of smut.

Sock Sorority members get access to 10 videos and 20 pic sets, some of which are actually 2 halves of the same shoot. To judge by the dates, this site hasn't updated for over two months, so don't expect any new sets, either. The photography is amateur, the vids and pics are not well lit but the girls are cute enough and they are wearing socks, although several are not wearing bras - they're wearing t-shirts or baby tees. Sometimes a girl will flash a breast and the cameraman focuses there while they do, but basically there's not a lot of nudity here although there are some VERY small g-strings and thongs. If 18 and 19 year old girls in scanty outfits turn you on, members do get access to 7 more softcore sites as well as a whole lot of porn sites. But if you're looking for girls in socks, Sock Sorority has only a smallish amount of content presented in a rather unenthusiastic way with no updates.

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