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SoCal Coeds

Reviewed on 03/19/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: College

3 Day Trial: $1.95
7 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
After seeing so many so-called college girl sites featuring famous pornstars or 30 year old actresses, it's a pleasure to visit a site where it's easy to believe the girls are in college. They're young (between 18 and 22), cute and seem to be having a good time. If you love teen sex, this site has tons of it. There are masturbation videos plus plenty of 18 year old coeds who love to suck cock and get fucked.

The member area of SoCal Coeds is not as well-organized as it could be, but it's pretty easy to figure out where everything is. The top of the page has a link to the message board and contact us. Then there's a banner to Porn Country Club, which is the forum again. Then are links to 2 live feeds. After some explanatory text and another link to the forum, there is a wide banner trying to sell you a membership to 3 sites followed by a much smaller banner selling DVDs. And then comes the latest Coed added to the site. There's a small pic on the left, and on the right are links to her pic sets and videos.

Under the update is a link that says The SoCal Coeds. I'm not really sure what the page is I arrived at. It has an update and a search box. When I tried using a name of one of the girls in the search box, it took me to a site tour. What was that page all about? Your guess is as good as mine ;)

And now we get to the good part - 118 thumbs of girls' faces with names underneath. Every one is clickable and takes you to the girl's page so you can see her pics and videos. Every so often, there's another banner, but this is easy to figure out. And under the 118 SoCal Coeds are links to 8 bonus sites that full members of the site get access to.

The older videos have interviews, and I love the interviews almost as much as the fucking - hearing the girls talk about life and sex got me in the mood for what followed. The newer episodes have a few girls I've seen on other sites, and they get right to the sex, saying things like "I'm Harmony and I'm about to get fucked". I've seen some of the newer girls on other websites - they are no virgins to the porn scene. But most of them are still young and cute, although they don't have the more innocent feel of the earlier girls.

A lot of the girls have more than one video and more than one pic set. Some have a masturbation video and a hardcore video, with pics available for both. The oldest movies are smaller and a little lower quality than the newer ones. That's normal, and I think the cuteness of the girls in the older videos makes them very much worth watching.

The videos can you watched in your choice of formats - WMV or MPG. The MPGs on SoCal Coeds are all shown at a screen size of 320x240. The older WMVs are also shown at that size, but the newer WMVs are bigger, shown at 480x360 and streams at just under 512. The sound is very good on all the videos, and the visual quality is amateur to good amateur. You can watch the entire video or watch the clips.

There are both high and low res pics for most of the girls. The low res pics are vidcaps, and they don't call them that. If you see links like this "Picture Sets: Hard High Res: 1 2 3" the link that says Hard is the link to the vidcaps. The high res pics come in a variety of different sizes, from 395x600 on some of the new sets to 960x1440 on some of the older plus some pic sets around 511x768. The pics are pretty good amateur quality and have good color and plenty of teen pussy action.

Besides all the SoCal Coeds videos, full members get access to 9 bonus sites. I really like the bonus sites. There's some really good porn in those sites, including Latina porn, MILF porn and more amateur teens. These are exclusive sites and are part of the same network, and I think a person could spend weeks going through all these videos.

With 118 different girls - and over 140 videos - SoCal Coeds has a lot to offer. The girls are cute and young enough to really be college students, the videos load fast and are fairly good amateur quality. Something you may notice is that the older videos and the newer videos were obviously shot by different producers, but that's actually a plus as the variety only helps the site. And if you feel like something different, the bonus sites have plenty of hardcore movies to keep you busy. If you like teen porn, I suggest you surf over to SoCal Coeds and check 'em out.

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